The Various Applications of Spray Nozzles in Industries

By October 30, 2018Blog

Spray nozzles are simple devices which break apart fluid flow into spray patterns. The five basic types of spray patterns are solid stream, flat fan, hollow cone, full cone and fog/mist.  Although nozzles appear simple, they are used in a wide range of industries. You can obtain them from spraying systems nozzles dealers such as Synergies Group. At Synergies Group, we have different kinds of spray nozzles that can suit various applications. Some of these applications include:

Tank washing

Spray nozzle systems can be used to clean various types of containers like brewing tanks, distilling tanks, chemical reaction tanks and food storage tanks. The spray nozzles are suitable for cleaning tanks of different sizes and almost any kind of residue. Regardless of the tank size, environment or residue, you can find a tank cleaning head that delivers effective, efficient and consistently superb washing.

Spray drying

Spray nozzles can be used for the spray dry process of producing chemicals, powdered foods and abrasives.

Cooling systems

The nozzles are used in sprays for either evaporative or direct cooling. Several different nozzle designs can be appropriate based on the specific cooling application.


Pre-treatment tunnels may involve the use of thousands of spray nozzles across many spraying stations. The nozzles should be aligned in a careful manner to optimize spraying.

Odor control

Bad odor is commonly produced during chemical and food processing and industrial applications. Gases or airborne particles cause the odors. To remove these odor causing particles, a fine spray may be introduced to either react with or absorb the particles to eliminate the odor. You may spray different kinds of odor fighting chemicals in the target area.


In most chemical, industrial and food production processes, the products should be kept moist. In general, a small amount of fluid should be delivered to the targeted area. For this reason, misting and air atomizing nozzles are utilized.


Spray nozzles are used to deliver lubricants to the target areas. In most industries, spraying lubrication is a common practice. Generally, the spray nozzles make it possible to deliver the lubricating fluid in a measured and controlled manner to a precise area.

Fire protection

Some spray nozzles are used to protect assets from fire rather than to extinguish fire. For example, they can be used to protect gas tanks that can pose a risk of explosion if heated. These nozzles may also be used to create a water corridor that offers a safe route out of a place for people who are trapped in a fire zone.

Fire prevention

In certain situations, spray nozzles can be used to minimize the risk of fires starting. Generally, these nozzles offer a low level of wetting to the target area to minimize the ignition point of the area.

Fire extinguishing

Fire extinguishing nozzles are used to deliver sufficient amounts of foam, water or other fire retardant liquid to the target area in the attempt to put out the fire.


Some nozzles are suitable for cleaning applications. They deliver sprays that are used to wash machines or products.

The above are just some of the ways in which spray nozzles are used. At Synergies Group, we offer the VarioSpray nozzle valve systems. Our headquarters is in Dubai, which is a strategic location that enables us to serve the entire Middle East. Therefore, if you are looking for supplier of spray nozzles in Saudi Arabia, we can meet your needs. We also have a sales office in South Africa. We seek to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.