Finned Tubes

HAMON D’HONDT produces a wide range of FINNED TUBES (with aluminium fins) for the following industrial sectors:

  • Refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Compression gas stations
  • Steel plants
  • Compressor coolers
  • and more…

Hamon D’Hondt is fully equipped to test the contact between tubes and fins ensuring the expected thermal performances (pull & push tests,…)

There are three types of aluminium finned tubes :


Primarily used in corrosive atmosphere and high temperature conditions, the extruded fin is manufactured by compressing an aluminum sleeve onto a parent tube. High compression reforms the aluminum into the final fin profile. Full protection of bare tube against corrosion High mechanical strength of fins. May be used at temperature up to 300°C A groove is cut in the bare tube by metal lifting The finned tubes are hold in position by the tubes holders and the tubes keepers. Spacers are used to maintain the tube in the right position without damaging the fins. They allow direct contact between tubes or between a tube and a tube supporting beam.


This design consists of an aluminum strip placed into a groove on the primary tube, tension wound on edge and finally maintained in place by the groove lip. This fin’s primary applications are high temperature or cyclic services. Provides a perfect bond between the fin and the tube. May be used at temperatures up to 400°C.


The aluminium strip is formed in the same manner as the standard “L” fin with an additional step of knurling the fin’s foot to the tube. The knurling enhances both the mechanical contact and thermal transfer properties. Full protection of bare tube against corrosion. Successfully tested at service temperatures up to 320 ° C. Unique combination of high thermal performance and stresses resistance with atmospheric corrosion protection. KLM can replace any type of finned tubes.