Connecting Businesses

In today’s extremely competitive and well-connected environment, the most important question is ‘what will you bring to the table?’. Whether it is the service industry, manufacturing unit or product distribution, ‘value addition’ is the buzzword.

Our Philosophy




Our Journey

Synergies Group has evolved as a successful business model, which is based on firm business ethics and core competencies. Starting the entrepreneurial journey in 2005 from printing segment, Synergies Group has come a long way and setting up Engineering and Chemicals business segments.

Engineering division was setup in 2008, followed by Chemical division in 2010. As a result of firm commitments and continuous growth efforts, Synergies has witnessed a steep growth setting targets and achieving milestones year after year in an exemplary manner.

Currently Synergies Group is successfully running the three divisions with offices around the globe and serving the Middle East and African markets. From a two employees company, the current global team strength has risen to 200+. We continue to strive to expand all the divisions and keep on adding new products and trends as per the ever changing global requirements.

Our Vision

To create value sustainability through pursuit of excellence and good governance. Synergies Group is focused on creating the highest level of satisfaction for its customers by fulfilling their current and anticipated needs in an exemplary manner.

Our Mission

Continue to innovate and learn as per the current market demands and strive to become the experts in our field. Be the first choice of our customers. Build & sustain strategic partnerships. Continuously enhance business performance. Develop & grow people.