VarioSpray Nozzle Valve Systems

Advantages of VarioSpray nozzle valve systems

•    Simple adjustment of pulse width and cycle frequency
•    Flushing function
•    Flexible design (modular system)
•    Start/stop signal (e.g. via light barrier)
•    Individual valve control for VarioSpray HP
•    Food-compliant nozzle versions available
•    Ideal for restricted spaces thanks to small valve size for VarioSpray II


The flexible VarioSpray spray technology gives you full dosage control for spraying even the smallest liquid volumes so that you also have maximum control over your costs. Conventional pneumatic spraying systems that operate with compressed air (so-called twin-fluid systems) are also able to generate extremely low flow rates but have complex control and installation requirements. In addition to the high setup costs, the use of air also affects operating costs. Possible aerosol formation and liquid losses due to the rebound effect also have to be taken into account.

The hydraulic pulse-width-modulated nozzle valve systems VarioSpray II and VarioSpray HP offer an economical and reliable alternative. The narrowest spray nozzle cross-section determines the liquid flow rate in hydraulic nozzle systems, but this cannot be reduced arbitrarily for reasons of economy and technical limitations in production. That is why VarioSpray nozzle valve systems use the flexible timing of the spray duration to realize minimal flow rates – without the need for an expensive and complex twin-fluid system. A separate control unit is required for simple adjustment of the pulse width and clock frequency.