Brelko - South Africa

One of the leading Providers of Conveyor Products

At BRELKO we happen to be one of the leading providers of conveyor products. Our products and services in this particular regard could be divided into five major categories – Air Cannon – Bulk Material Flow Activator, Belt Support System, Belt Tracking Systems, Chute Sealing Systems, and Conveyor Belt Scrapers. As far as Belt Support System is concerned we offer the following products:

Universal Feedboot
Combination Feedboot
Hi-Impact Idler System.

In Belt Tracking Systems our main offerings are Belt Tracking Return and Belt Tracking Troughing. We at BRELKO AGENT KSA offer a wide range of products in the Chute Sealing Systems segment. They may be enumerated as below:

  • Chute Inspection Seal
  • Keyliner
  • KeySkirt Size 1
  • KeySkirt Size 2
  • KeySkirt Size 3
  • KeySkirt Size 4

In the Conveyor Belt Scrapers segment we offer the following products as the leading BRELKO AGENT SAUDI:

    • Primary Belt Scraper – E155
    • Primary Belt Scraper – E105
    • Secondary Belt Scraper – E205
    • Premium Secondary Heavy Duty Belt Scraper – E255
    • Composite Secondary Heavy Duty Belt Scraper – E252
    • Secondary Belt Scraper – E305
    • Composite Secondary Heavy Duty Belt Scaper – E352
    • V Plough – E405
    • Premium Secondary Heavy Duty Belt Scraper – E355
    • Pre Primary Belt Scraper – E601
    • Angle Plough – E505
    • Head Pulley Belt Scraper – E905
    • Compact Secondary Belt Scraper – E705
    • Compact Secondary Belt Scraper – E805
    • Premium Head Pulley Belt Scraper – E955
    • Heavy Duty Head Pulleybelt Scraperr – E915
    • Composite Heavy Duty Head Pulley Belt Scraper – E952

    It is our immense variety and high quality of products that has made us the leading BRELKO AGENT UAE.