What Causes Damages To Sempertrans Conveyor Belts, How To Overcome?

By March 19, 2021Blog

The conveyor that the materials are transported on is just as important as the materials themselves regarding material handling. Although most conveyor systems’ primary purpose is to enable you to inspect goods and move them around your facility, this is impossible to do without a proper handling system in place. Conveyance systems made of conventional metallic parts will begin to display wear and tear signs after a long period, requiring uncomfortable maintenance and downtime. 

The machinery’s operational quality has a direct effect on your project execution efficiency, whether it loses momentum due to high-volume movement, becomes stiff with rust, or corrodes due to exposure. The Sempertrans Conveyor belt is an essential part of every Sempertrans conveyor system. To ensure maximum uptime and service life, it is essential to manage them properly and mitigate any possible stoppages or damage.

Abrasive Material

The belt surface can be worn out over time as materials are recycled along with it. This is particularly true for abrasive materials like iron ore or conveyors that process rocky material at high speeds and capacities. These abrasive materials may also get lost in other positions on the belt, such as underneath it or around the sides, causing excessive belt wear. For any reference, you can also approach the Sempertrans agent.

Solution- Correct Belt Type And Conveyor Skirting

The correct form of belting for the materials being transported will minimize the belt damage rate or the risk of belt damage. Grade A belts, for example, are abrasion resistant and thus last longer than General Purpose (Grade M&N) belts. Textile/rubber belts come in many grades, each built to work with various types of materials.

Conveyor skirting is a device that provides a close seal between the belt and the conveyor frame. Conveyor skirting prevents stray material from being trapped between the belt and the conveyor structure, causing abrasive wear and grooving. The Sempertrans agent KSA also recognises this process for betterment.

Carryback Build-Up

Carryback refers to material that remains adhered to the conveyor belt’s underside after it has been offloaded at the discharge stage. Carryback will wreak havoc on a variety of conveyor components. In terms of belt harm, carryback reduces the belt’s efficiency and service life, especially if the carryback layer thickens or hardens over time. Furthermore, when carryback is stuck to other conveyor parts, it may repeatedly touch it, causing the belt to wear away.

Solution- Proper Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Depending on some factors, there are several different types of belt cleaning solutions available. Essentially, their main goal is to eliminate belt carryback, resulting in a clean belt clear of potentially costly carryback issues.

Material Impact Damage

Large and bulky materials may harm conveyor rollers, frames, and belts. Rollers become less successful when the material lumps and becomes large or excessive. The belt is extended to withstand the forces when the lumps clash between the rollers, creating tension. This impact will disfigure the belt over time. Another field vulnerable to severe belt damage is the impact zone, which occurs when the material is dropped off one conveyor’s end.

Solution- Impact Rollers And Idlers, Impact Beds

Impact rollers and idlers are a good way to reduce material impact forces and, as a result, the rate of wear on your belt. Impact rollers and idlers, as opposed to normal rollers and idlers, absorb and pass impact forces, shielding the belt from material damage.

Instead of impact rollers and idlers, impact beds are used. They are typically mounted under the belt and impact zones to absorb the impact forces of falling material. Impact beds give the conveyor belt more support and close the gaps left by impact rollers.

Final Words

These details would help you acquire some specific knowledge about the most common problems of the Sempertrans conveyor belt and its causes. Make use of it according to your need, and it is better to approach the best dealers or manufacturers of Sempertrans conveyor belts to ensure safety.