What Are different Products Do Hamon Distributor

By June 20, 2021Blog

The Hamon Group, a giant in engineering and contracting has founded over a century ago and is still going strong with more effective, innovative, and flexible solutions. The main venture of the Hamon Group is inherently linked to protecting the environment. The Air Quality Systems and Heat Recovery, and also the Cooling Systems of Hamon have a great impact on the preservation of energy and water. There are many products and solutions provided by Hamon D Hondt SaudiHere are some of the different products,

Air Coolers:

The air-cooled heat exchangers are mostly used in power, steel and many other industries. It helps to remove the heat generated by the process systems. It is used when the ambient conditions and the plant location may not allow another cooling system to remove the heat easily and economically.

Here are some of the most evident advantages of air-cooled heat exchangers,

  • It helps to prevent thermal and chemical pollution caused by cooling fluids 
  • Installation of ACHE has more advantage over other units as it is flexible for any plant location and plot plan arrangement 
  • The maintenance costs and operating costs are very low.
  • Installation and maintenance of the fans is easier
  • The bolted assembly on the fans help to deliver the air at ambient temperature with consequent higher efficiency
  • It eliminates the auxiliary water supply and has a very lower impact on the environment compared to all other heat exchanger units.

Finned Tubes:

There is a wide range of finned tubes with aluminum fins are produced by the Hamon D Hondt for industrial sectors like steel plants, heat exchangers, compression gas stations, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, compressor coolers, and many more applications. The fins located on the outside of the tubes and the finned tubes help to heat up or cool down by creating a lot of heat transfer surface area outside the tube which is generally air or some other gas. It might work especially well for an air heat exchanger. It helps to transfer the heat quickly between the components and also improves heat transfer co-efficient.

Tube Bundles:

The different fluids with different starting temperatures run through the set of tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger to transfer the heat between the fluids are called Tube bundles. There are many distributors for Hamon products to get the tube bundles. It is important to choose the best Hamon D Hondt distributor to get the best products of Hamon. HAMON D’HONDT tube bundles are designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment that is interchangeable without any alteration of the heat exchange capacities the air-cooled bundles of all types can be replaced and are fully adaptable to the existing structure. These bundles are re-designed with all new trendy code editions and innovation standards.

Studded & HF Welded Finned Tubes:

There are wide ranges of extended surface tubes that are manufactured by Hamon D Hondt under the trade name BIRAGHI. All quality gases such as clean, dusty, and corrosive gas are adapted by those extended surface tubes that also have been approved by all the industry majors.

High frequency welded finned tubes

These tubes are used in Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) within the combined cycle power plants. It is also used in the petrochemical industries within the convection areas of fired heaters. All tubes and fins material combinations like carbon, alloy, and stainless steel are manufactured in Hamon D Hondt.

Studded tubes

These types of tubes are used particularly in petroleum applications. In a staggered row or ring arrangement, the studs are placed. All tubes and studs material combinations like carbon, alloy, and stainless steel are manufactured in Hamon D Hondt.

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