Sempertrans Belts Used In Power And Heating Plants

By August 17, 2021Blog

There are many producers of the leading belt product which is used for different applications or in different industries. Sempertrans distributors deal with a wide range of this advanced technology to suit your demands. They can customize the services they offer for your project to suit your preference. There is a high demand for Sempertrans conveyors. Below are the Sempertrans belts used in Power and heating Plants:

Sempertrans Ripstop T Belt

They comprise many options where tailor protection against punctures and impact can be made. They are from the Sempertrans brand. The belt width ranges from 40 cm to 260 cm. They have bottom covers of 8+2mm. They have a belt strength of 400N/m to 3150 N/M with three pies and 5pies respectively. It applies to power and heating plants and other industries.

This belt covers the following: flame retardant, anti-abrasive, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, and energy resistant. If you need one, you can get it through Sempertrans agents.

Sempertrans Transpipe Belt

It is an engineered solution that enables the transport of enclosed material. It has the following specification: a belt width of 500mm. It’s from Sempertrans brand, has a pipe diameter of 125mm, a textile or strength of 250 t0 510 N/mm, it works at a temperature range of -35 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. It can be applied for power and heating plants and other applications. Almost all SEMPERTRANS DISTRIBUTOR distributes it.

Below are its key features

  1. It has multiple sections for unloading and loading.
  2. Have optimized cover to provide a great resistance.
  3. It is loaded the same way you could load a Sempertrans conveyor belt, but after loading, it forms a pipe shape while conveying it.
  4. It optimizes belt stability and power consumption.

Its benefits

  1. It has reduced cleaning and maintenance costs.
  2. It protects the material being conveyed from influences like wind, rain, or dust.

It covers the following heat resistant, energy saving, oil resistant, flame resistant, and anti-abrasive.

Sempertrans Autostable Belt

It is a Sempertrans belt that is unique. It protects the conveyor structure from mistracking-related damages.

  1. It is suitable in the following situation:
  2. For belts that run at high speed and within a short distance.
  3. An existing conveyor that has mistracking problems
  4. Reversible installations

 It has the following specifications; it comes from the Sempertrans brand, has a belt width of 8o cm to 32o cm, has a belt strength of 500 to 4500N/mm, and its steel cords are either 7×7 or 4×7.

Below are its benefits 

  1. Its edge damage is less.
  2. It is best for tracking in a reversible Sempertrans conveyor belt.
  3. It has a tight tolerance. Thus it has less mistracking.
  4. Have a long life span with fewer adjustment issues.
  5. It is easier to increase installation output.
  6. It can be used in power and heating plants, among other applications.

 It covers the following; cold resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, flame resistant, and anti-abrasive.

 Sempertrans Trans Rigid Belt

It is a kind of belt used for flat bases or surfaces. It has a very high transverse rigidity and is usually placed at the base with the cleats and sidewalls. It provides a safe gutter and channels. It is available in the form of steel or textile carcass construction. 

Its specifications are:

  • It has a belt width of about 50cm up to 182.9 cm.
  • It is from the Sempertrans brand.
  • It has a total thickness of 1.28cm.
  • It has a total weight of 18.3kg/m2.
  • Its cover thickness is 4+3mm.

It can be used in power and heating plants and other industries. It covers heat resistant, flame resistant, anti-abrasive, and oil resistant. You can consult a Sempertrans agent if you need one to help you.


The above are the best Sempertrans belts which can be used in power and heating plants. For power and heat plants, you need the correct kind of belt to handle this work. These different kinds of belts were designed to solve customer challenges in their project. You can consult a Sempertrans distributor who can inspect your project and get the suitable one for your project.