Fiber Bed Filter

Mist Eliminators

Fiber Bed Filters, also called Candle filters, high-efficiency mist eliminator (HEME) filters and Brownian diffusion filters, are used to trap, collect and remove liquids and soluble particulate matter suspended in a gas stream. They are typically cylindrical elements where the “bed” is composed of fine fibers of media composed of various grades and density packed between two cylindrical screens. The Screens (or Cages) can be constructed of various types of materials depending on the nature of the application ranging from carbon steel to corrosion resistant alloys to polymer materials. Mist-laden gas passes the wall of the Fiber Bed Filters and cleaned gas exits from the opposite side. If the gas passes from the inside to the outside of the element, it is called forward flow or a sitting filter. If the gas passes from the outside to the inside of the element It is called reverse flow or a hanging filter.
As the particles try to pass through the Fiber Bed Filters, they are trapped and held by the fibers. While larger particles are collected by inertial methods of impaction onto or interception by a fiber, the high efficiency of the Fiber Bed Filters results from the Brownian motion of the gas and the impact of gas molecules on the smallest, sub-micron particles. The collection mechanism is known as Brownian diffusion. The collected liquid particles (or dissolved soluble solids) are coalesced into drops on the filter’s fiber surface and drain by gravity.
Kimre offers a complete line of new and repacked Fiber Bed Filters mist collector systems that can meet the most challenging mist elimination needs. Kimre™ Fiber Bed Filters can be designed for new systems to meet the customer’s specific efficiency, pressure drop and footprint requirements. The filters can provide removal efficiency greater than 99.9% of sub-micron particles These systems can use standardized configurations or can be custom designed for your specific installation.
Virtually all existing Fiber Bed Filters from any manufacturer can be replaced with Kimre Fiber Bed Filters to provide improved performance and/or filter life. Kimre’s sales and technical staff have extensive experience with existing installations allowing them to provide the exact solution you need.
Another option for improved performance with replacement filters is the Kimre concentric Fiber Bed Filters. This filter design combines parallel filter beds in a combined forward and reverse flow design to increase surface area up to 40% over existing filters. As laminar flow devices, the pressure drop will be reduced by the same percentage as the surface area increases. Concentric Fiber Bed Filters can also provide a reduced footprint for new systems where space is tight.