Mist Eliminators

Features and benefits of B-GON® 

  • Highest collection efficiency of ANY mesh-type media: 99+% @ 1 µm
  • Composite pads of various mesh styles allow for optimization of efficiency, pressure drop, and pluggage resistance
  • Able to handle the widest range of gas velocities and contaminant levels
  • High void spaces (94-97%) and the largest fiber diameters contribute to the highest resistance to fouling
  • Lower pressure drops than traditional knitted mesh
  • Custom fabrication to conform to any vessel configuration and orientation
  • The media is cleanable & reusable for extended service life in the harshest environments
  • Wide range of materials of construction available, including polypropylene, PVDF, ETFE and PFA, to meet any level of temperature and corrosion requirements.
Mist elimination or “demisting” can be defined as the mechanical separation or removal of liquid droplets or mists from vapor streams. Failure to effectively capture these mists often leads to higher contaminant emissions, production losses, corrosion of downstream equipment, and increased maintenance. The most common mist elimination technologies utilized are chevron (also referred to as vane-type) separators and knitted wire-mesh mist eliminators. Chevrons are plate-type eliminators that offer high liquid handling capabilities but limited collection efficiencies for fine mist droplets below 20 microns (µm). Knitted mesh mist eliminators are constructed of wires or fibers into a randomly oriented mesh-pad structure. These mesh pad mist eliminators provide collection efficiencies for mist droplets down to 3-5 microns in size but can have limited liquid handling capabilities and are susceptible to fouling from insoluble contaminants.
B-GON® Mist Eliminator Pads were introduced utilizing a unique structured media developed by Kimre to address the deficiencies inherent in the existing technologies. Kimre’s structure is a three-dimensional ladder-like media constructed of interlocking thermoplastic monofilament wires. Our structure is designed to orient the wires such that nearly all of the fibers are arranged perpendicular to the gas flow for maximum contact with the entrained mist droplets in the gas stream. This ladder-like alignment causes a change in the vapor flow through the structure which provides maximum mist droplet removal by impaction, interception and centrifugal actions. B-GON® Pads provide the highest performance of any mesh-type mist eliminator with efficiencies as high as 99+ percent removal of 1-micron mists. Also, due to the high percentage of perpendicular fibers of the B-GON® Pads, the pressure loss through the media is dramatically lower for the same level of efficiency as a traditionally knitted mesh mist eliminator.
Because of Kimre’s structure, we are able to produce our B-GON® Mist Eliminators in the widest range of fiber diameters in the industry, from the finest (0.05 mm / 0.002”) to the coarsest (0.94 mm / 0.037”). The structure also is produced in a variety of void fractions which provide a wide range of flow and pressure drop characteristics to meet your site-specific requirements. The unique qualities of the B-GON structure allow Kimre’s engineers to provide custom-designed solutions for the highest level of performance at any particle or mist size across a wide range of operating conditions.