Key Benefits of Conveyor Belts in Industrial Sector

By February 25, 2021Blog

A conveyor belt is one portion of the mechanical handling equipment which transports materials from one place to another. It is a very common sight in places like scrap yards, airports, and a lot more locations. It is very efficient to transfer the items from one place to another. It makes your processes more convenient, easier, and faster. The industrial conveyors are quite different from the general use of a conveyor. 

It looks similar but designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, more workloads, etc. It also moves in a different direction and directs everything at odd angles. Are you searching for the best conveyor belt? Then BRELKO AGENT can offer you the best quality conveyor belt. 

Why are Conveyors Used? 

If you are not using conveyors, then materials have to be fed manually. This involves the hiring of labour and also creates its own set for the challenges of human resources. Now, human laborers are a lot less efficient and not that cost-effective in the long run. To overcome these and many other challenges, most of the industries like manufacturing, transports, pharmaceutical, and food use commercial conveyors. Most of those commercial conveyors are from BRELKO AGENT KSA.

Types of Conveyors

Usually, the conveyors arrive in various shapes and sizes. This may vary according to the type of industry it is used. The BRELKO AGENT SAUDI is very specialized in producing all forms of conveyors. Some of those common types include Chain belt conveyors, slider belt conveyors, steel belt conveyors, and MRF sorting lines. 

Chain belt conveyors– It is also known as chain edge conveyors and it is specially designed to carry a high volume of products. You can find this being used on the work floor and in most cases it is used to transport waste materials. It is also used as mixed lines, feed side ejects balers, and sorting line feeds. 

Slider bed conveyors– It is used in the application of the process where the steel belt is too heavy and the chain belt is too weak. This is capable of processing from 1 ton to 15 tons and it comes along with a speed varying mechanism that allows for slow to fast operations. It is used to feed horizontal balers and side eject balers. This type is one of the very famous productions of BRELKO AGENT UAE

Steel belt conveyors– It uses two types of belt designs that are steel apron and piano hinge. Generally, this is able to carry a large amount of weight anywhere from 20 to 50 tons every hour. It is used in heavy feeder applications like heavy-duty mixed waste lines, compactors, and heavy-duty 2 RAM scrap balers. 

MRF sorting lines– This conveyor type is not standardized and it features a combination of steel belts, chain belts, and slider bed. This is specially designed as per your requirement. 

Benefits of Conveyors

The conveyors are a large enhancement overusing the human as labour to perform the feeding activity. Here are some other benefits of using a conveyor system. 

  • It is designed with limitless opportunities to keep on load and unload items over a long period. 
  • It is specially designed with the inclination to allow materials, can easily move from one place to another, and comes in both big and small sizes so it also saves a lot of time. 
  • Large industries may require materials to move between floors or levels. With almost no height limitations, the conveyors are designed to transport materials across levels. 
  • Eliminating the manual unloading, the conveyors with automated incline belts are able to automatically unload the materials. With this, there is no time wastage in monitoring the material unloads. 
  • It also controls the speed of material transportation and it moves in both directions. 

Final Words

Thus you have seen the key benefits of using a conveyor belt in the various industrial sectors. Make sure to purchase the belt from the best providers to ensure quality and a better experience.