How power efficient industrial fans help you to save energy

By July 20, 2019Blog

Industries face several economic challenges with low profits, increasing energy consumption cost and competition. Industries are always looking out for different ways to boost profitability and to cut costs. Investing in power-efficient industrial fans by CBI distributors is a good way to reduce the rising energy costs. It is important to carefully assess and optimize industrial areas for energy efficiency. Industrial CBI fans play a major role and reducing energy consumption expenses and to improve their efficiency. The following are how industrial fans by CBI distributors in the UAE help in conserving energy:

  • Low energy input, astonishing effects:

Industrial fans provide some of the best cooling efficient solutions for expensive industrial areas. Just a single CBI industrial fan has the power to produce sufficient volumes of air that is circulated within the industrial space. All of this is done with just a low energy input. There are industrial fans available in the market which functions at just minimal amps of power. While at the same time it runs at a high-speed rate. Industrial fans generally run at high speed and produce extensive air movement that is distributed evenly throughout the space. As soon as the power is switched on for the industrial fan, it produces a cooling effect in no time.

  • Destratification:

The large industrial spaces come with cooling efficiency challenges. The surrounding air in an industry is generally hot and humid. Industrial CBI fans aim at air stratification where it separates the warm air and replaces it with cooler air.  Industrial fan distributors in UAE are the ideal fans for use all year round and during all seasons. Industrial fans enable efficient air conditioning by redirecting and distributing the air upwards. While in the winters, industrial fans redirect the warm air downwards. This ensures the comfort of workers and industrial employees working at the ground level.

  • Low maintenance cost:

Industrial fans do not require much maintenance and it does not require service for a wide interval. Industrial fans are built in such a way that it causes less stress and pressure exerted on the moving fan components. Most of the industrial fans are virtually free of maintenance and require only inspection intervals after a  specific usage duration. In addition to this, it only requires an annual dissemblance to lubricate its various parts and ensure high efficiency at a low energy cost. 

Programmed for energy saving:

Industrial fans are programmed for use based on the requirements. It can be turned up to a high volume of movement or to run at low speed.  It comes with state of the art industrial fan controller. Industrial fans are specially programmed for energy-saving and maximum energy efficiency.  In addition to this, it is also compatible and can be synced with various automation systems established for the industry.