The Value of Automatic Lubrication System

By August 26, 2022Blog

The automatic lubrication system helps to avoid spending money on things that aren’t needed. With an automated lubrication system, a pump or centralised unit placed in an easy-to-reach spot lubricates many machine parts. For mobile and stationary construction equipment, a system sends small amounts of grease to the bearings and seals at regular intervals. This keeps a constant amount of oil going to the bearings and seals, which keeps dirt and other contaminants from getting into the bearings. This is different from situations where there isn’t enough grease because the operator only lubricates the machine when he has the time or feels like it.

Using an automatic lubrication system has many benefits:


Today, it is essential to keep workers safe at work. With an automatic lubrication system, the operator doesn’t have to climb on the machine, crawl under it, or into hard-to-reach places as much.

Efficient Lubrication

An automatic lubrication system applies grease while the machine is running, which means there is less downtime. Also, the inner surfaces are exposed when the bearings are in motion, which helps the grease stick better.

Better Lubrication

Grease is used most effectively when spread out in measured amounts at short, regular intervals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to grease by hand because of tight delivery schedules and the need to move equipment. When someone has time and grease is available, the equipment is lubricated.

Better maintenance

Many traditionalists use too much grease by pumping it up to the bearing until it spills out. As was already said, the bearings will be better protected if they are measured often and in small amounts. You will not over-or under-grease as much, and there will be less overflow. There is less waste and pollution on your equipment or construction site. Security and environmental issues significantly affect how much grease is used.

Minimize Downtime On Machines.

The equipment has to be turned off in manual lubrication to add more oil and grease. In automatic lubrication, the equipment does not have to be turned off. You can avoid the lockout and tag-out procedures and keep the machines running. At the same time, the lubrication system adds the right amount of lubricant. This cuts your work and downtime by a considerable amount.

Reduce Wear 

When you use the right amount of lubricant on your equipment, it wears less and lasts longer. Automatic lubrication puts a thin layer of oil or grease between moving parts. Without direct metal-to-metal contact, parts won’t wear out as quickly and will last longer.

Safe and Healthy Work Environments

A machine technician uses a grease gun when machine parts need to be oiled by hand. Some critical parts are hard to get to and require getting on top of the equipment. Put in an automatic lubrication system to get rid of this safety risk. Auto lube keeps people from getting too close to lubricants and stops oil from hitting the floor.

Helping the Environment

Because the bearings and other essential parts wear out less quickly, there are fewer parts to replace. Most of all, because you do not use too much grease when you grease by hand, there is less pollution in the environment.

Automated lubrication systems can be helpful for plants that need to supply precise amounts of lubricant to many points. This ensures that machines last longer, run safely, have fewer unplanned downtime, and have lower operating costs.