Flat Fan Nozzles

Lechler Flat fan nozzles stand for uniform liquid distribution and jet pressures. Particularly powerful jets are created with spray angles up to 60 °. Nozzles with small flow rates are especially suited for humidifying and spraying in general. The flow geometry of the nozzles allows producing accurate, compact jets, available with different liquid distribution patterns.

 Basically, Lechler Flat fan nozzles are designed for parabolic liquid distribution. Unaffected by the transient pressures. They are suited for a universal application. Their performance data are exactly defined, operational values such as flow rates, spray width, jet thickness and liquid distribution are readily available for a great variety of feed pressures. There are also special design nozzles with a rectangular or trapezoidal distribution of liquid.


Applications: Belt Cleaning, Coating, Steam cleaning, degreasing, high-pressure cleaning, gravel washing, cooling, surface treatment, phosphating, rain curtains, foam control, foam spraying, lubrication, filter cleaning, spray cleaning, washing processes and many others.