NORTEK: Best In Class For HVAC Solutions

By July 12, 2021Blog

Nortek Air Solutions provides the application knowledge, technical innovation, and world-class service across UAE’s biggest collection of bespoke heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) brands. To assist you in finding the right solution for your HVAC application. The broad family of brands comprises a combined total of more than 390 years of expertise, several production sites, and many NORTEK agents in Saudi who serve as sales representatives in Saudi offices.


Nortek Air Systems is a recognized supplier of specialized air handling solutions and HVAC equipment for various applications, including education and office buildings, healthcare facilities and operating rooms, data centers and clean rooms, and manufacturing facilities. NORTEK GCC has a long history of custom designing energy-efficient, dependable systems that offer excellent indoor air quality, low sound levels, and low overall running costs. They have the industry knowledge and technical ability to develop the perfect solution for your application needs.

Experience and Expertise

Nortek Air Solutions and its associated companies have over 300 years of combined HVAC industry expertise. They have created new, trailblazing products, a thorough knowledge of application needs in various sectors, and the technical competence to produce the highest-quality, highest-performing air handling systems on the market throughout the years. The products may be found in some of the most prominent structures in the UAE and throughout the globe.

Quality Commitment 

A strong commitment to quality is essential to how we work. The number one goal is to provide you with a high-quality, dependable, long-lasting system that meets and surpasses your expectations. With this in mind, the national research laboratories and testing facilities assist in guaranteeing our systems’ thermal performance, sound levels, and airflow.

A Unique Rebate Program

The true measure of any Nortek Agent in UAE is how effectively it meets criteria and adds to revenues. Nortek Security & Control can help you with both. The builder reimbursement program is substantial at first and improves as your involvement grows. The more packages you buy, the more money you transfer to your bank account.

Commercial settings are among the most difficult HVAC deployment situations to work in. There is a continuous balance between equipment capabilities, automation, and a range of possible specific needs within each facility. Adding to the complexity are growing standards for cleaner and more efficient energy use, putting current industry practices and procedures to the test.

There are many NORTEK agents in Saudi on the market today, and it has never been simpler to obtain your systems and components from almost anywhere. Evaluating the offers of industry leaders is one of the greatest methods to discover the best choices for your specific requirements.

To guarantee the safe functioning of their equipment, all Nortek agents in UAE must comply to design and safety requirements. When combined with a preventive maintenance software system, tagging HVAC equipment and components with durable nameplates offers critical safety and operational information and unique identification of components for more effective and accurate preventative maintenance tracking.

Commercial HVAC applications, on the other hand, are tough settings, requiring HVAC equipment to have a very durable nameplate that can resist abrasion, heat, sunshine, and other environmental conditions while being legible throughout the asset’s lifetime.