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By October 30, 2018Blog

Fluid performs several basic functions in a hydraulic system. They include cooling system components, lubricating metal components and creating force as well as motion as flow gets converted to pressure. The fluid also inhabits that space between metal surfaces, forming a seal that offers a pressure barrier and helps eliminate contaminants. Any one of these functions should not be diminished; otherwise the hydraulic system will not work as designed. Catastrophic failures can also occur if any of the functions of fluid are diminished.

Apart from human failure, the other common reason why hydraulic systems fail is fluid contamination. Experts estimate that up to ninety percent of hydraulic failures occur due to contaminated fluids. Contamination may consist of air, water, solid particles and reactive chemicals, which affect the fluid functions. This is the reason why hydraulic filters are vital.

Hydraulic fluid plays a vital role in hydraulic systems. For this reason, keeping the fluid free from contaminants is a priority. An efficient hydraulic filtration system plays an essential role in ensuring that your production components and hydraulic system maintain optimal performance. Bosch Rexroth has a wide portfolio of hydraulic system filters that can be matched precisely to your application to ensure that your hydraulic system continues to function for many years. These hydraulic filters help prevent damage to a hydraulic system and minimize system downtime. This will help you save time and money.

Bosch Rexroth is a leading provider of hydraulic systems and components for mobile and industrial applications. It offers systems, which have been optimized for all sectors and fields, including the automotive industry, shipyards, excavation, mechanical, heavy industry, automation/handing and machine tools. Bosch Rexroth engineers and manufactures high quality products and relies on its finely selected distributors to market those products. Synergies Group is a proud to be a Bosch Rexoth distributor.

Synergies Group is an authorized Rexroth distributor. Therefore, if you are looking for a for a Rexroth distributor Saudi, Synergies Group can meet your needs. You will find a wide range of Bosch Rexroth components for use in hydraulic systems in our warehouse. Bosch Rexroth hydraulic filter components feature microglass materials and a unique 6 layer design, which delivers 50 per cent more dirt holding capacity. This helps residence the total cost of ownership of hydraulic systems.

Bosch Rexroth’s products also feature new filtration technology known as the cyclone effect. This hydraulic filtration technology optimizes dirt absorption and extends the service life of filters. This in turn helps reduce the intervals of changing the filters.

Synergies Group’s headquarters is in Dubai (UAE), meaning that we can easily distribute hydraulic filters to the entire Middle East. We also have a sales office in South Africa, which enables us to distribute hydraulic filters in the African markets. Furthermore, with our offices in Mumbai and New Mumbai, we are able to meet the heavy demands of the Indian subcontinent market. We look forward to learning and evolving as a company to keep bringing new products and services into the market. We also seek to serve our customers in the best possible way. We can fulfill all your needs in an exemplary manner.