Industrial Uses Of Lithium Bromide Solution

By May 22, 2019Blog

Lithium bromide remains an industrial grade chemical which is prepared when lithium carbonate is prepared with hydrobromic acid. A chemical compound of lithium and bromine – this particular solution is widely known for the variety of industrial applications it commands today.  

To start off with, let us tell you that the lithium bromide solution is used as a desiccant in the air conditioning systems. It is, in fact, regularly used in gas drying equipment. In the industries, this solution is used as salt in the absorption chilling processes. It is backed by medicinal properties as well. Today, we will end up taking a look at the different types of lithium bromide solution and their respective usage in the industry.

The uses of Lithium bromide solution (inhibited)

This particular solution in its inhibited form is widely demanded in different industrial applications. Lithium bromide solution (inhibited) is particularly preferred for its long shelf-life and precise composition. Notably, it is regularly used for air treatment and absorption chilling.

The uses of Lithium Bromide Anhydrous

Lithium Bromide Anhydrous is another popular product extensively used as swelling agents for protein and as a catalyst and dehydrohalogenating agent in organic reactions. Furthermore, it is regularly employed for reconstitution of brines and as electrolyte components in lithium batteries. In medicines, this composition is particularly used as fungicide and humectant.  

The Uses of Lithium Bromide, 30% solution in THF (typ. 4.1 M)

If one is talking about organic synthesis, one can hardly exclude Lithium bromide, 30% solution in THF (typ. 4.1 M) from the discussions. This particular composition is employed as an additive for organometallic transformations. Backed by transition metal salts, this particular composition is actually great for cross-coupling reactions. It is particularly endorsed for a string of attributes:

  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Precise Composition
  • High level of efficiency

Finding a Qualified Chemical Distributor in Saudi

Are you looking for a credentialed chemical distributor in Saudi from whom you can procure quality lithium bromide? If yes, then do make sure that you are carrying out your research properly in this regard.

Do remember that not all distributors out there will actually offer you a similar quality of the composition. As you already might have gauged by now lithium bromide solution is a sought-after product – thanks to the myriad industrial uses backing it. So, you are likely to come across several distributors selling them as well.

However, regardless of which particular industrial use you are procuring this solution for – do make sure that you’re only investing in the product or composition only after you have checked credentials of the distributor thoroughly:

  • For how many years have they been in this business?
  • How are their compositions rated by their clients?
  • Do they have a satisfactory track record of supplying only quality compositions?

It is extremely important on your end to ensure that you are actually getting answers to all the aforementioned questions before you are actually reaching out for the products. Please make sure that you are never resorting to half-baked research while you’re in the process of settling for the services of a chemical distributor in Saudi.