How Automatic Lubricators Prevent Wear & Tear Of The Machine?

By May 20, 2021Blog

Equipment maintenance extends the life of parts, improves efficiency and productivity, and lowers repair costs. The most crucial preventive maintenance phase in maintaining the life and efficiency of any fleet is accurate, reliable lubrication. Compared to manual lubrication, automatic lubricator GCC systems offer continuous lubrication on a more frequent basis. Insufficient lubrication causes heat and wear, whereas excessive lubrication causes drag, heat, wear, and damaged seals.

Machinery is forced to its highest efficiency level to compete in a dynamic marketplace. This upward trend in output production necessitates the protection of your machinery. An Automatic Lubrication System can help with this.

Here is a list of reasons why automatic centralized lubrication systems are a must on today’s machinery for our second installment:

Safer Operation

The best time to lubricate a bearing is in motion, but this is a dangerous situation for those applying the lubricant. Lubricant points are often located in difficult-to-reach areas, putting technicians and operators in hazardous conditions. Automatic lubrication is, in general, a better way of providing the necessary lubrication.

Modern automatic lubrication devices, such as those sold by Simatec distributors GCC assist equipment owners, avoid the costs associated with manual lubrication. Optimal lubrication is ensured by applying the right amount of clean lubricant at regular intervals and tracking lube system efficiency.

Use an automatic lubrication system in your service to protect your equipment and employees.

Lowers the Cost Of Repairs

Lubrication is needed to extend the life of bearings. The ALS is designed to extend bearing life by applying small, precise quantities of lubricant more frequently, allowing for optimum lubrication to be achieved and maintained. As a result, it cuts down on maintenance and maximizes performance while reducing wear and tear.

Prevents Lubricant Waste

Excessive lubrication can cause premature bearing failure. As a result, it’s essential to use precise lubricant quantities and keep bearing lubricant levels under control. By dispensing specific amounts of lubricants, the ALS prevents over-lubrication and reduces grease/lubricant waste. The ALS also supports work area safe, avoiding grease and lubricant spillage and preventing injuries.

Natural pollutants may negatively impact lubrication points and trigger further wear and tear in many operating conditions, particularly when manual lubrication methods are used. Lubrication points are often not adequately washed before being manually lubricated, and the coupler used to connect to the end is often dirty. The lubrication point is then flooded with contaminants such as chemicals, rocks, sand, and other particles. With an automatic lubrication system, grease is pumped via a filter before entering the lubricator’s tank, preventing pollutants from penetrating these lubrication points.

Reduces The Amount Of Time A Machine Is Out Of Service.

Many people are concerned about machinery breakdowns because they result in a rise in machine downtime and, as a result, a loss of output. The ALS technology will alleviate this costly issue by reducing unplanned downtime and increasing system availability, resulting in increased production and benefit.

Improved Security

Many people are concerned about safety, and manual lubrication requires climbing over, under, or around the machine to add lubricant, which is dangerous. When working with heavy machinery, safety should always come first. Due to gas, fumes, or height, the automatic lubrication system removes the need to climb on, over, and under inaccessible bearings.

Reduces the Number of Man-hours

Since the ALS eliminates manual lubrication, work hours are reduced. The ALS also allows for grease or lubricant top-ups as part of routine maintenance, avoiding the need to shut down the process for several grease points.

Improving Housekeeping

The ALS is equipped with a spill-proof, closed-loop system. This keeps the machines cleaner and reduces the risk of spills caused by excessive greasing or lubrication.

Facilitates More Effective Lubrication

It is crucial, especially in critical operations, that equipment is always operational. It is difficult to carry out the task of manual lubrication because it is dangerous. Since the ALS is entirely automated, it can lubricate the system when working and deliver the right automatic lubricator in GCC, in the correct quantity, at the right time.