Finding a Suitable Valve Distributor: The Ultimate Guide

By January 17, 2023Blog

If you run a business that sells valves and other pipes to contractors and homeowners, you know how difficult it can be to get new customers. When prospective customers ask their real estate agents, contractors, and suppliers for recommendations on who should do business with them, they often won’t say yes to your company or anyone else. That’s because finding new customers isn’t an easy task. To find more people who will use your valves, you need to work with a partner who understands what potential customers are looking for when they ask about companies that sell valves in the real estate industry.

An ideal cla Val distributos is one who not only knows what questions buyers will have when scouting out places to buy valves but also knows which answers to give so as not to waste their time or scare them off with questions they can easily Google themselves. Here is everything you need to know about finding a suitable valve distributor:

Before talking to prospective valve distributors, determine what you’re looking for.

Discover what you want from a distributor before scanning online forums and trade shows for companies. 

Find a distributor who sells valves and pipes to customers in the real estate industry.


When you’re looking for a suitable valve distributor, you should make sure that they are responsive. If you’re looking to sell valves to homeowners and contractors, your customers will likely be very busy. So, you must find a responsive distributor. If a salesperson at a company you’re looking at doesn’t seem responsive, find someone else to talk to.

If a cla-val Saudi has many salespeople, ask the salesperson you talk to how their sales team operates. Are there any salespeople you like talking to better? Find another distributor if you’ve concluded that a salesperson isn’t as responsive as the others.


A distributor’s inventory turnover is a crucial metric. It shows how many times the distributor’s inventory turns over a year. The lower the turnover, the less money the distributor makes. You have a major red flag if your valve distributor’s turnover is 50% or lower. It means the distributor is probably out of stock often and isn’t making as much money as they should be. If that’s the case, you have a couple of options: either find a new valve distributor or work with your current one to improve their inventory management.

Preventive Maintenance

The best valve distributors in the world aren’t going to make much profit if they don’t maintain their equipment well. The valve distributor you choose must have a well-maintained and up-to-date facility. If the valve distributor isn’t keeping their equipment properly maintained, they will not be able to fulfill orders and make a profit.

If the valve distributor is having problems keeping their equipment up to date, there might be financial reasons for it. You might have to work with your valve distributor to determine why they aren’t keeping their equipment up-to-date. You’ll have to find a new partner if they don’t have the funds.

ISO Certified Products

Your valve distributor also needs to ensure that the valves they sell are certified by an international standards organization. If they’re not, there’s a chance they could break or cause an accident. Your valve distributor needs to be certified by an international organization like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It means your valves meet the highest possible standards and are as safe as possible. Ask for their certification number if your distributor is certified by another organization.

Finding a suitable valve distributor isn’t easy, but it is possible. You need to be strategic in your search and remember to keep the things we’ve talked about in mind when you’re looking for a new partner. So, when searching for a valve distributor, keep these things in mind.