Different Types Of Air Valves: A Comprehensive Guide

By June 1, 2022Blog

Water always includes dissolved air, which appears as bubbles when the temperature and pressure change. Air valves play a vital role where it is an essential component in the pipeline system. Essentially, air valves govern airflow in a pipeline, and the selected valve is directly tied to the system’s airflow requirements. There are many distinct types of air valves, each serving a specific role in its system and just as significant as the others. In this post, you will look at some of the different types of air valves:

Brief About How Air Valves Help In Ejecting Trapped Air

Air Valves aid in the ejection of trapped air, ensuring that water flows smoothly through pipelines and that the irrigation system functions properly. It occurs when the Air Valve opens against the internal pressure in the waterline. The internal lever mechanism that raises the float force causes this to happen. To obtain the quality air valves, try to approach any one of the best valves distributors Saudi.

Following Are The Different Types Of Air Valves Are As Below:


  • Air Release Valve


The most well-known air valve is the air release valve. This valve features a small precise orifice that releases air under pressure constantly during pipeline operation. It has a float that detects the presence of air and a linkage mechanism that allows the float to open the orifice mechanically under full pipeline pressures.


  • Air/ Vacuum Valve


In a pipeline, vacuum valves release and take in air. Vacuum valves are notable for taking in or releasing massive amounts of air at once. These valves are used in pipelines to prevent collapse and other damage and keep the system at the right pressure. Vacuum valves are typically utilized in pumps for plants, factories, and other major facilities in the industrial sector.


  • Combination Air Valve


The air/vacuum and air Release valves are combined in the Combination air valve, making it a great choice for high spots. In one assembly, a combination valve has a small air release orifice and a big air/vacuum port. The float and lever mechanisms are combined on smaller valves in a single body design. The dual body design is supplied as a factory assembled unit in bigger sizes.


  • Butterfly Air Valve


When volume control is crucial, butterfly air valves are some of the best valves to utilize. They are employed when a pipe needs to transition from open to close steadily but rapidly. Plates block airflow on these sorts of air valves.


  • Check Valve


Check valves only permit air to flow in one direction. These are required to prevent airflow from becoming clogged and accumulating too much pressure. These can be utilized as industrial valves as well as in-home settings.


  • Double and Triple Acting Air Valve


A double-acting air valve should be utilized when air enters the valve through a given size opening and exits the system through another precise size opening without any transition. In Triple Acting Air Valve, before all of the air has escaped, it goes through a large-sized opening, which then shifts to a smaller-sized opening.

Final Thoughts: 

Apart from the types mentioned earlier, Vacuum breakers and Slow Closing Air valves are some other essential types of air valves. If you find the best valves distributors Saudi, then you can get any of these types of air valves from them. Qualities of the valves are highly crucial to consider before buying them.