Flexibility of Automatic Lubrication System

By October 28, 2022Blog

In today’s economy, productivity and longer uptime are essential. Automatic lubrication systems are made to keep machines and vehicles running longer. Automatic lubrication also saves money, makes things last longer, increases productivity, and makes them safer. In today’s industry, people talk about how to increase uptime. An automatic lubrication system increases the time a machine is up and running. Here are some of the best reasons to switch your production facility, industrial machines, or fleet to an auto lube system.

Please read the article about lubrication and why it is essential to learn more about how automatic lubrication works.

Extended Equipment Life

Automatic lubrication means that your equipment wears less and lasts longer because it gets the right amount of lubricant at the right time and place. Automatic lubricator GCC puts a thin layer of oil between parts of a machine that move so that they do not rub against each other. If metal parts do not touch each other directly, they will not wear out as quickly and will last longer. 

Increased Labor Force Efficiency

One of the biggest worries about the automatic lubrication system is that it makes maintenance workers lazy and makes it easy for them to ignore the equipment. On the other hand, when the lubrication process is automated, the technician can spend more time inspecting the equipment. In addition, it gives them more time to work on more critical tasks, which makes your workforce much more efficient. Automation of the lubrication process does not mean that the equipment can be ignored. Instead, it makes lubrication more even and helps people use their time better.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since automatic lubrication makes the equipment last longer by cutting down on wear, you will spend less on replacement parts. On top of that, technicians do not have to lubricate your machine point-by-point by hand, so you can save a lot on maintenance costs. Compared to the 15 minutes it takes to check and refill an auto lube system, lubing with a grease gun is a lot of work for technicians.

Reduced Machine Downtime

To improve your overall productivity, it is essential to keep your installations from stopping. Automatic lubrication systems do not have to be turned off to add more oil than manual lubrication. Lockout and tag-out procedures can be avoided, and the machines can keep running while the lubrication system adds the right amount of lubricant for optimal lubrication. In this way, automatic lubrication significantly cuts your work and downtime.

Safer and Healthier Working Conditions

A machine technician uses a grease gun to grease all the needed parts in places where lubrication is done by hand. Some essential machine parts are hard to get to and sometimes require climbing on the machine while running. This is a significant safety risk that can be avoided by installing a system that lubricates itself automatically. Auto lube also keeps people from coming into contact with lubricants and keeps oil from getting on the floor, which makes it less likely that someone will slip and fall.

Environmental Improvements

The exact amount of lubricant needed is measured by automatic systems. There is a significant drop in waste, product contamination, and cleaning problems. Less friction and energy are used when bearings, gears, and chains are better oiled.

Suitable For Any Application

Many automatic lubrication systems include single-line parallel, series progressive, dual-line, and multi-line. Each has its advantages and uses. Because of this wide range, an automated lubrication system can be used to grease almost anything.