Applications Of Robushi Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

By June 1, 2022Blog

Do you have any idea about the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump? Liquid ring vacuum pumps are becoming increasingly used in a variety of industries. Since it uses liquid as a piston, this type of pump is also known as a liquid piston rotary pump. Devices that use suction to transport a liquid into or out of an object are liquid ring vacuum pumps. The pumps are simple to use and considerably easier to repair and maintain than other pumps. Robushi is a popular part and Service Company, and their liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in many industries.

Explain Applications Of Robushi Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The Robushi distributors provide quality vacuum pumps to numerous industries, and some of them are listed here:


  • Pharmaceutical And Chemical Industry


Robushi liquid ring pumps are ideal for drying, laboratory, vapor recovery, domestic vacuum, and anything in between. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in the pharmaceutical business as compressors and vacuum pumps. Filling, Solvent Recovery, Filtration, Crystallizing, Cooling, Distillation, Deaeration of Caustic Solutions, and many more operations are performed using it.


  • Automobile Industry


The automobile industry is the next essential application of the robushi liquid ring vacuum pump. The automotive industry covers entire businesses and activities concerned in the production of automobiles, including the greater part of their components. In this industry, these pumps are used for engine and carburetor tests, power steering, and brake fluid vacuum fill.


  • Petroleum Industry


The petroleum industry, commonly known as the oil patch or the oil industry encompasses the global processes of petroleum product exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing. Vapor recovery from storage tanks, vacuum cleaning and filling of barrels, vacuum priming of pumps, vacuum filtering for dewaxing, flue gas compressor for carbon dioxide recovery, the maximum allowed temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and a bronze pump is necessary if SO2 is present.


  • Pulp And Paper Industry


Another application that uses a liquid ring vacuum pump is the pulp and paper industry. This industry uses wood to produce paper, pulp, paperboard, etc. Here, the robushi pumps Saudi is used for paper coating and dehydration of paper webs. Users don’t need regular lubrication for this pump in their industry.


  • Mining Industry


One of the important industries that must require the Robushi liquid ring vacuum pump is the Mining industry. The mining business is responsible for finding, extracting, beneficiating, and processing naturally occurring solid minerals from the ground. Robushi’s vacuum pumps are designed for mining applications’ methane gas extraction and ventilation.


  • Textile Industry


There is a huge demand in the market for the robushi gcc. In the textile industry, vacuum pumps and compressors must meet stringent requirements. The pumps are used as a Hydro extractors. They are oil-free and require relatively minimal maintenance because they do not utilize oil.


  • Plastic Industry And Energy Production


The final industries are the plastic industry and energy production using the Robushi liquid ring vacuum pumps. In the plastic industry, the pumps’ applications are degasification of extrusions, vacuum calibration, and drawing and compressing vinyl chloride gas. Duration, transport of fly ash, and evacuation of steam turbine condensers are all factors in energy production.

Bottom Line:

Finally, the lists above are the applications of the robushi liquid ring vacuum pump and use it properly. Aside from bearings and seals, water vacuum pumps require almost no maintenance due to the way they work. For decades, a wide range of sectors has benefited from this technology.