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Fifty years ago Suco developed its first mechanical pressure switch. Today the company sets benchmarks in the industry and offers a complete line of pressure monitoring devices. The product portfolio includes mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, electronic pressure switches, transducers, and transmitters. Our state-of-the-art production facilities with end-of-line test benches and a Research and Development center, with an in house test laboratory, guarantees a high level of product quality and offers permanent improvements as well as continuing innovations. Suco utilizes a sales network with factory trained application engineers who are available to offer local support in over 40 countries.

Suco Technologies, Inc is a 100% subsidiary of Suco Robert Scheuffele GmbH& Co KG, Germany. All products are produced under DIN EN ISO9001:2008 certified conditions. State-of-the-art production machinery and test equipment guarantees the highest quality level.

Our Products

  • Pressure Monitoring


    NO / NC with Integrated Connector
    • Connector: Deutsch, AMP, Packard, Bayonet or M12x1
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700 psi
    • Field adjustable pressure range: 1.45…2,175 psi
    • IP67 / IP6K9K
    • Type: 0110, 0111, 0112, 0113, 0114
    NO / NC spade or screw terminals
    • Field adjustable pressure range: 1.45…2175 psi
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700 psi
    • Body material: zinc plated steel, brass, or stainless steel
    • Terminals/connectors: spades or screws
    • Type: 0166, 0163, 0169, 0167
    Pressure Switches Fail-Safe
    Pressure switches with fail-safe function in critical applications like monitoring

    • Brake pressure
    • Steering pressure
    • Fire suppression
    • Alarm systems
    Snap-action microswitch (SPDT)
    • Field adjustable pressure range: 4.35…5,800 psi
    • Differential adjustable
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700 psi
    • Body material: zinc plated steel
    • Type:0170, 0180, 0181, 0184, 0190
    SPDT with Integrated Connector
    • Connector: Deutsch DT04-3P, TE AMP Superseal, M12x1
    • Field adjustable pressure range from 4 – 2,900psi
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700psi
    • IP67 / IP6K9K
    • Type: 0132, 0133, 0134, 0135, 0136, 0137
    Stainless steel body
    • Body made of stainless steel
    • Field adjustable pressure range: 1.45…2,900 psi
    • Adjustable differential
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700 psi
    • Type: 0186, 0187, 0196, 0197, 0164
    Customized Pressure Switches
    • Customize your pressure switch the way your application demand it
    • 100% environmental sealed (IP67, IP6K9K)
    • Ready wired with any available connector
    • Factory pre set or field adjustable
    • Type: 0240, 0241, 0266, 0290
    Vacuum Switches
    • Field adjustable pressure range: 3″ – 29 Hg”
    • Overpressure safety: up to 290 psi
    • Body material: brass or aluminum
    • Electrical connection: 42 V / 250 V, 4 A resistive
    • Type: 0150, 0151
    Pressure Switches in Block Style
    • Field adjustable pressure range: 4.35…5,800 psi
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700 psi
    • Body material: aluminum
    • Electrical connection: up to 250 V, 4 A resistive
    • Type: 0159, 0161
    Electronic Pressure Switches
    • Pressure range:up to 0…8,700 psi
    • Differential up to 1…99 %
    • Body material: 316L , 303, aluminum/zinc die cast
    • SOS sensor/Ceramic sensor with thick film technology
    • Type: 0520, 0530, 0540, 0570
    Transducer / Transmitter
    • Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS)/Piezoresistive Sensor
    • Overpressure safety: up to 4x pnom
    • Burst pressure up to 8x pnom
    • Stainless steel 316L or 303
    • Type: 07XX, 064X, 067X
    Explosion-protected to ATEX standard
    • Gas or dust protected
    • Diaphragm or piston type
    • Overpressure safety: up to 8,700 psi
    • Body material: aluminum, zinc plated steel
    • Type: 0340, 0341, 0165
  • Transmission Technology

    Centrifugal clutches are widely used as starting clutches in electro motor or combusting engine operated equipment. Some applications include construction equipment (vibrating rammer and plates, riding trowel..), forestry equipment, production machinery, refrigeration equipment, motor sports, air compressors and many more.

    Suco Technologies Inc. offers a wide range of types of centrifugal clutches and brakes. Your application and needs will determine which type of centrifugal clutch or brake would fit the best for you.

    Centrifugal Clutches and Brakes
    • Size 01 – 13
    • Torque 1.3 to 1800Nm
    • 750 to 3000 rmp
    • Bore Ø 5/8″ – 2 3/8″ or 12 – 65 mm
    • with pulley/drum or rotor only
    Customized Clutches and Brakes
    • SUCO designs and manufactures individual, customer-specific solutions when standard models cannot be used. Our engineers review inquiries to make sure they are practicable, and that the design of the product complies with the customer’s wishes.
    Wind Turbine Safety Brake
    • self-sufficient
    • customizable
    • safe
    • automatic
    • convenient
    Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
    • Size 02 – 09
    • Torque 1.0 -280Nm
    • 2000 to 10,000 rpm
    • Bore Ø 5/8″ – 2 3/8″ or 12 – 65mm
    • Input and output hub with or without bearing
  • Applications

    Pressure Switch Applications & Industries Served

    SUCO Technologies offers pressure monitoring devices that have a variety of uses in different industries. Because they are designed to handle different situations, they are useful for applications such as filters, blowers, generators, off-road equipment, compressors, turbines, water applications, panels and pipelines.

    Pressure switches are specifically designed for alarm, shutdown and control of many processes and equipment, and thus, work well in electronics, pipelines, pumps and other instances in which regulation or monitoring of pressure is required. Some things to consider and evaluate when looking for a pressure switch are accuracy, actuation pressure, electrical load, rate of pressure rise and the medium to be handled. Also important are maximum vibration, maximum shock, operating temperature and environmental sealing.

    Construction Equipment Agricultural & Forestry Machines & Equipment Material Handling Equipment Transportation & Service Vehicles

    SUCO pressure switches are used in the following applications:

    1. Construction Equipment
    2. Agricultural & Forestry Machines & Equipment
    3. Material Handling Equipment
    4. Transportation & Service Vehicles
    5. Railroad Equipment
    6. Emergency Vehicles
    7. Machinery: Food, Energy, Wood, Medical and Production
    8. Trucks and Trailers
    9. Special Vehicles: Service & Utility, Airport Support and Recreation Vehicles
    10. Air Technique

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