What is the Importance of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves?

By January 31, 2019Blog

What is a triple offset?

Why must one prefer a triple offset butterfly valve?

What purpose are they used for?

Triple offset as the name suggests contains three different offsets which are further designed into the triple offset butterfly valve. The two significant offsets out of the three are located in the shaft and used in respect to the centerline of the bore and of the disc sealing surface.

The third offset is situated in the axis at a seat cone angle. This is inclined from the centerline of the bore and is used to depreciate rubbing of the seat contact surfaces at the time of the operation. It even helps to preserve the sealing integrity of the life of the valve. The valves in Saudiare very much famous for the rubber line triple offset butterfly valves and has even pioneered their development.

The features of the triple offset butterfly valve

  • Metal to Metal sealing: with such metal to metal sealing the triple offset valve is able to deliver the reliable and bi-directional shut-off.
  • Optimized seat angle: the  agents in Qatar focuses on this feature specifically. As the seat angle which when combined with satellite in the valve body seat tends to result in a longer seal life. Even after the extensive cycling, it has proved to reduce the resistance.
  • Torque seating: here the valve adjusts on its own to provide evenly distributed compression. An increase in the torque results in increased yield.
  • Shaft design: the  agents UAE focuses on such feature. This aids in positioning the pin connector in the lower position of the disk that allows improved performance in the thermal expansion and even aid in minimizing the shaft deflation.

Benefits of the triple offset butterfly valve

In the case of double and concentric offset butterfly valve, there was a problem which decreased the life expectancy after its first operation. This resulted in the introduction of the triple offset butterfly valve. And with the revolutionary design and engineering of the triple offset valve the friction and deformation related problems have significantly minimized.

The benefits include:

  • Less cost: valves Saudi provides triple offset butterfly valves that enables cost saving, which is not possible for the conventional valves.
  • Less weight: it contains the feature of metal to metal sealing that effectively allow the application of higher temperature and pressure which in turn generates bubble-tight shut off. This is helpful in reducing the weight.
  • Less space: the valves Saudi provides valves which occupy less space. The triple offset butterfly valve with its specifications require less space and lower the emissions due to quarter turn technology.
  • Zero friction: the torque setting in the triple offset butterfly valve results in bi-directional and frictionless settings which results in no pressure. The  agents UAE provides this benefit with their valves.
  • Zero leakage: Zero leakage is achieved with no presence of cavities between the sealing components. The triple offset valve is beneficial in eliminating the ingresses particles which were not possible in the conventional valves.