What Are The Different Leachler Air Nozzles Used In Agriculture

By July 16, 2021Blog

Innovation and sustainability must go hand in hand in contemporary plant protection. Aside from higher profits and efficiency, it is also about environmental preservation and biodiversity – genetic variety.

Site-adapted agricultural methods and pesticide usage depending on need assist in preserving natural resources while still ensuring safe, nutritious food and feed in the end. Lechler nozzles have a role in this as well.

With over 25,000 different nozzles, Lechler offers a spray solution for almost every application. However, whether you are new to the nozzle business, have recently increased your nozzle requirements, or want to try something new, determining which nozzle is the right spray nozzle for your particular needs may be difficult. This section will break down the major types of Lechler air nozzles and which applications each is best suited to assist you in making your next nozzle choice.

Air Nozzles

Air nozzles are usually used to disperse air or steam and feature a flat fan or solid stream spray pattern. Conventional air nozzles force air through a single hole, producing a loud hissing sound. To avoid this disadvantage, unique multi-channel air nozzles have been created, which decrease the amount of noise paid and the amount of air used.

Cleaning is one used for air nozzles. They are often employed for blowing off the swarf, but they may also be used for chilling, drying, selecting, sorting, or ionizing. Lechler air nozzles may also be used to form an air curtain when clustered together.

Flat Fan Nozzles

Flat fan nozzles are classified into two types: axial style and deflector style. Axial type nozzles feature a parabolic spray pattern, which means the spray concentration is highest in the center and tapering towards the ends. These are often used for power and impact cleaning.

Full Cone Nozzle

Full cone nozzles are designed to provide comprehensive coverage inside the circular spray radius. They are excellent for cooling applications and spraying huge quantities of liquid or other substances.

Full cone nozzles are available in two types. Axial complete cone nozzles evenly disperse liquid over a large region. Tangential complete cone nozzles are built without internal vanes to prevent clogging.

Hollow Cone Nozzles

Hollow cone nozzles, like full cone nozzles, are available in axial and tangential flow configurations. They are intended to spray along the outside border of the circular spray pattern rather than the whole region.

This nozzle type employs spiral grooves to guarantee effective liquid swirling, resulting in homogeneous droplets across the spray pattern. Hollow cone nozzles are excellent for pasteurization, dust control, and air humidification.

Solid Stream Nozzles

In contrast to other nozzles that generate atomized droplets, solid stream nozzles produce a reliable jet stream. Solid streams are ideal for cleaning operations that need a strong impact and focused force. For cutting and trimming, solid stream nozzles may be utilized.

Choose solid stream nozzles from Lechler distributors, created of robust materials intended to endure their high-pressure functioning. Tungsten Carbide inlays and stainless steel with specific hardening are two of our preferred materials.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles

There are many distinct kinds of tank cleaning nozzles, each suitable for a certain industry or tank cleaning requirement. Lechler nozzles provide a full array of tank cleaning solutions for tanks ranging in size from 3ft to 5ft.