Tools for Fast Installation of Bearings and Roller Shaft

By January 31, 2019Blog

Bearing are the elements which compel relative motion between moving bodies and roller shaft. As the name suggests, they are shafts which are powered by rollers.

Simatec, a Swiss-based company, is the primary distributor of tools required for installation of bearing and roller shaft. Simatec agent are now planning to expand in the Middle East region like in KSA. Such companies are changing the entire landscape of the power and technology industry with its revolutionary products and services. The new and improved tools designed by the firm is helping to merely the aspect of bearing installation and roller shaft. This, in turn, helps to save valuable time and finances in the long run.

Various tools used the fast installation of bearing, and roller shaft are listed below:

  • Fitting Tool FT 33

The kit is suitable for installation of bearing and radial shaft seals with a bore diameter that ranges between 10 to 50 millimeters. The kit is powered with extremely powerful impact rings. More than 33 of these impact rings are available in the kit which is coupled with 3 other impact sleeves. A non-rebound is also added in the pack. This kit is most efficient for bearings with bore diameters from 10 to 50 mm.

  • Fitting Tool FT-P

The Fitting Tool FT-P is ideal for installation of components with an inside diameter greater than 50 mm. it is the only kit which uses presses instead of a hammer. The kit includes 1 sleeve, 6 rings, and 1 FT-P DC adapter ring. Rings are made up of aluminum with high contact accuracy and press forces up to 5 tones.

  • Bearing Maintenance Kit MK 10–30

This allows installation and removal of bearings with an overall bore diameter from 10 to 30 mm. The kit includes 21 impact rings, 2 impact sleeves, 1 non-rebound hammer which is used for installation.  For removal, the kit includes a slide hammer which is powered with 5 sets of puller arms and 2 spindles.

  • Ball Bearing Puller BP 61

The kit is used for removing the ball bearing shafts which have a diameter measuring from 10–100mm. A significant advantage of this kit is that while removing the bearings is that the concerned shaft need not be detached. A counter bracket along with 6 puller arms and 2 spindles is included in the kit. The puller is made up of quality steel, and it has a joint for transmitting optimal power on the bearing.

  • Bearing Handling Tool BHT

This kit best for taking care of larger bearings and provides maximum handling force of 500kg for lifting, turning, rotating, transporting and installing. The kit comes typically in two different sizes – The primary comes with a diameter of 300-500 mm, and the secondary is of 500-700mm. it consists of 1 hoist, 1 pair of protective gloves, 1 pair of anti-twist devices, 2 hoisting slings.

So there we have it. A list of tools that is assisting in the fast installation of bearings and roller shafts. All this and more can be availed from professionals such as Simatec agent ksa.