Tips for Choosing Right Conveyor Belt for Your Company

By January 31, 2019Blog

The conveyor system is mechanical transportation system used to move product from one place to another in a factory. A conveyor belt is the heart and soul of a conveyor system. Though conveyor belts were invented in the 1890s first industrial success came in 1913. In 1913, Henry Ford pitched the idea of conveyor-belt assembly lines at Ford Motor Company’s Highland Park, Michigan factory which brought Ford on the map.

Conveyor belts are transportation medium used to move a product from one place to another in a factory. It consists of two or more pulleys on which the belt is rotated, and among the pulleys, either one or both are powered. ARCEMI distributors is an industry leader in the conveyor belt industry as ARCEMI agents in Saudi and UAE have acquired a significant part of the Middle-East.

Conveyor belts are essential for proper functioning of the factory. So, for smoother operations of the factory, choosing right conveyor belt is necessary. Here are a few tips for selecting the right conveyor belt for your company:

  • The weight of conveyor belt material– The strength of a conveyor belt depends a lot on the weight of the conveyor belt material. If heavyweight material is used it might bend and wrap around the belt. Therefore, to get the best result from the conveyor belts, the material should be chosen wisely.
  • Size of the conveyor belt– Size of conveyor belt should be selected in such a way that the product fits inside the belt completely with adequate availability of free space. If the product does not fit properly inside the machinery then the product might entangle with the device and cause a problem.
  • The Type and weight of the Product– The type of product to be transported should be considered while choosing a conveyor belt. For example, while transporting metal products, a conveyor belt with a hard surface which can resist cuts from sharp edges should be selected. The weight of product also affects the strength of the conveyor belt so select the conveyor belt which can withstand the weight of the commodity.
  • The inclination of the conveyor belt– Here inclination means the conveyor belt is either placed in an inclined or declined position. When the conveyor belt is moved in an upward or downward direction, there is a chance that product might slip off from the belt. To counter this issue conveyor belt which provides maximum friction should be used. So while purchasing a conveyor belt inclination should be considered.
  • The speed of rotation– Speed of rotation affects the efficient working of the conveyor belt. When conveyor belt is rotated at a high speed, it is prone to damage. So while buying conveyor belt speed at which machine will operate should be considered and selected in such a way that it can withstand the operating speed.
  • Surrounding Environment– The last to consider is the environment in which conveyor belt is to be operated. Environmental conditions like temperature and pressure affect the efficiency of the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt should be selected in such a way such that it can withstand the surrounding temperature and pressure. Dust, oil, and other contaminations should also be kept in mind.