Turbo Gear Units

Kissling developed their first turbo gear units in 1980. During the last 15 years, they have increasingly focused on designing turbo planetary gears. They have acquired a great deal of experience, developed new manufacturing processes and are increasingly represented in the European and American market.

Turbo_Gears-ER series

ER series

Parallel shaft gear units

Kissling offers a single-stage gear unit series, which can feature a single or double helical gear tooth system as well as journal or roller bearings depending on the requirements.

POWER up to 5 MW

SPEEDup to 60’000 min-1


Turbo_Gears-ORION series

ORION series


Kissling has also developed 2-stage concentric gearboxes for high gear reductions. Transmission ratios up to 25 can be achieved with a compact design and a power rating up to 5 MW. The drive is carried out via the gear rim. The planets remain still, while the sun can be connected directly to the output, which eliminates the need for an additional fast bearing. The power can naturally also flow in the opposite direction. This gear unit type has a very compact design. The direction of rotation can be reversed here.


SPEED up to 50,000 rpm


Turbo_Gears-SIRIUS series

SIRIUS series


This is actually a two-stage helical gear unit in the shape of a planet in which the power is split. It is suitable for high speeds for compressors up to 25,000 rpm as well as for lower speeds for power gen sets.

The advantage over normal helical gear units is that it does not necessarily require bearings for the input or the output stage. The shafts have bearings in the gears.

POWER up to 10 MW

SPEED up to 40,000 rpm


Turbo_Gears-WEGA series

WEGA series


Single-stage planetary gearboxes, which are built according to the Stoeckicht principle, have double helical gears. As with all other planetary gearboxes, the distribution of power to the planets allows for a compact design. The double helical gears also minimise the negative influence of dynamic and axial forces.

POWER up to 5 MW

SPEED up to 30,000 rpm

TRANSMISSION RATIO 1:4.3 up to 1:9

Turbo_Gears-ASTRO series

ASTRO series

Planetary gearboxes

Gas turbines with a power range between 0.5 and 8 MW operate at relatively high speeds (20,000 up to 60,000 rpm). A planetary drive with a power distribution system is required to couple these gas turbines with a generator at 1,500 rpm. The dual-stage ASTRO gearbox is equipped with flexible pin technology. This makes it possible to use up to 7 planets per stage, while still ensuring a uniform load distribution. Transmission ratios ranging between 8 and 40 can be achieved.

POWER up to 5 MW

SPEED up to 60,000 rpm

TRANSMISSION RATIO 1:12 up to 1:40