Ropeway Gear Units

Kissling has played an active role in developing and building ropeway gear units since the early 1950s. Initially, the company’s bevel helical gear reducers set new standards. In the 1970s, Kissling made its breakthrough by launching unprecedented planetary gearboxes. Being more compact and lighter than the competition, they quickly became the industry standard for detachable ropeways.

Kissling builds the drives for all types of cable-drawn transport systems. This not only holds true for classic winter sports ropeways, but also for urban transport systems and shuttle systems for airports.


The SKP-14 newly developed in 2017

Gearbox series PK and SKP

Bevel planetary gearboxes

  • Bevel planetary gearboxes, primarily for detachable ropeways
  • Operating torque up to 800,000 Nm
  • Standardised and modular design
  • High spare parts availability

The bevel helical gear reducers for the Roosevelt Island Tramway in New York

Bevel helical gear reducers for fixed-grip ropeways

Kissling covers fixed-grip ropeways up to 400,000 Nm based on the standard bevel helical gear reducers.

Peripheral additional products

In addition to our gear units, we also offer the following:

  • Auxiliary drives for evacuating passengers in case of motor defects
  • Stand-by drives for ensuring operation in case of a power outage
  • Support tubes for the gearbox to mount the bull wheels independently
  • Decoupling devices for disconnecting bull wheels and the gearbox
  • Couplings, brakes and emergency/auxiliary drives are arranged specifically to meet customer requirements.
  • Switchable insulated couplings can also be supplied if necessary.