Pneumatic atomizing nozzles

Application overview
•    atomization of viscous liquids
•    cooling, gas cooling
•    humidification of air
•    humidification of goods
•    lubrication
•    web dampening

Pneumatic atomizing nozzles are available in various designs to comply with specific spray and flow requirements:
•    Self-aspiration (siphon principle)
•    Supply of liquid from a vessel located at a higher level (gravity principle)
•    Supply of liquid under pressure (pressure principle)
•    Mixing of fluids inside or outside the nozzle
•    Full cone or flat fan spray pattern
For many applications, adjustability of liquid flow and, thereby, of the droplet size, is possible with the aid of manually operated accessory components.
A pneumatically controlled piston allows performing automatic or intermittent operations. A number of special customized designs complete the nozzle range.