Heavy Duty Gears

Over the years, Kissling has become a specialist for planetary gearboxes. Today, more than 70% of all our units are planetary gearboxes. Planetary gearboxes can be used to transfer extremely high torque in very compact gear units. Our expertise in large planetary gearboxes was not used only for ropeways, but also increasingly in heavy load industries, such as the cement and sugar industries. Our product portfolio includes planetary gearboxes covering rated torques up to 5,000 kNm. The power range extends up to 2,000 kW. The limit for helical gear units is 1,000 kNm.

Heavy-Duty-Gearbox-Cement Industry

Cement industry

Kissling had already made a name for itself back in the 1970s as a traditional provider of a wide range of gear units in cement factories. Today, roller presses, rotary furnaces, hydropower plants, river locks and other units are also equipped with our heavy-duty planetary gearboxes.



LEISTUNG bis zu 5 MW

DREHZAHL bis zu 60’000 min-1

ÜBERSETZUNG 1:1 bis zu 1:6.5

Sugar industry

Sugar mills traditionally use helical gears and open gear units. To increase efficiency and simultaneously keep overall costs low, this concept was applied to planetary gearboxes. Kissling has already supplied different unit types in various sizes to several sugar mills.

POWER up to 5 MW

SPEED up to 50’000 min-1