Leading provider of metallurgically efficient Lechler air impellers

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Lechler, the leader in spray technology in Europe, is a German-engineered that uses a wide variety of nozzles to deliver precisely dosed liquids in the proper form and location. They offer optimization across a broad range of industries, processes, and applications thanks to their over 45,000 nozzle types. Lechler’s products and services are entirely technology-driven, with online inspection and virtual testing only a few examples. They believe in developing local talent and assisting them in improving their abilities following corporate principles. With its high-quality products produced at its facilities in India, Lechler India is a staunch supporter of the Make in India initiative.

A popup nozzle 

The Popup nozzle is intended for cleaning in remote locations, such as tanks or pipes, where traditional cleaning methods might interfere with the procedure. The revolving free-spinning nozzle can be mounted flush to the wall. The revolving cleaning nozzle of the Popup whirly stretches automatically and begins cleaning when a specific liquid pressure is applied. The Popup nozzle is also appropriate for foam-based applications and pipe cleaning. Applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as in the food and beverage business, are particularly intriguing. The Lechler agent UAE is number one to provide the high-quality popup nozzle.

Functions of nozzle 


  • Flow rate, pressure, and angle of the spray

Feed pressure and the viscosity of the liquid to be sprayed also affect flow rates and spray angles. We meticulously measured the flow rates listed in the catalogue using inductive flow metres. Depending on the selected service pressure, air friction losses and ballistic phenomena affect the spray behaviour and the size of the impact area. The pressure is the feed pressure above the atmosphere. Spraying is done using counterpressure, and the flow rate is determined by differential pressure.

  • Liquid distribution 

For coating, for instance, an even liquid dispersion is crucial. Lechler has created unique measurement techniques that instantly produce repeatable test findings. Their electronic picture processing allows for measuring accuracy of about +/- 1%. Customers can access the test results and documentation for design and construction projects. By doing this, customers can be confident that Lechler spray nozzles will meet their requirements exactly.

  • Spray impact

A very sensitive gadget is led through the jet pattern to measure the jet dispersion of the spray impact and the impact itself. The sensor converts the measurement values into electric impulses, which are then saved in a computer. Measurements of jet impact reveal how consistently the effect affects the impacted area. This information is beneficial in high-pressure applications where the maximum amount of pump energy must be converted into cleaning power.

  • Droplet sizes and distribution 

Several methods define the spray impact, which is a jet’s impact on a surface. The spray impact definition N/mm2 (impact) has proven exceptionally trustworthy. It is the transformation of the overall force of the spray into the energy hitting the impacted area. For many applications, the droplet distribution of a nozzle must be known. One of the most exact measuring tools for this purpose is the Laser Doppler Particle Analyzer. This technique enables the simultaneous measurement of droplet sizes and droplet velocity. As a result, a thorough description of the spray properties can be obtained.

Parting words: 

Hopefully, now you are clear about the nozzle from Lechler. Without any doubt, the leading provider of metallurgically efficient Lechler air impellers is Lechler. You can save money by using Lechler’s product which will last for long days.