Industrial Cleaning Nozzles For High And Medium Pressures:

By April 1, 2022Blog

Nowadays, industrial equipment cleaning nozzles are mainly designed with the latest technological advancements in mind to provide higher cleaning power that matches your heavy-duty requirements. Particles and undesired coatings must be removed to ensure the cleanliness of end products and the quality of succeeding operations such as hardening, electroplating, or coating. Using Lechler nozzles on every part, at every step of the manufacturing process, is the best approach to achieve a productive, high-quality clean. You can understand that modern industrial and manufacturing cleanliness standards are stringent, which is their flat fan and tongue type nozzles are up to the task, and they are well-known for the cleaning process.

Lechler nozzle

Types Of Products And Their Advantages:


  • Flat Fan Nozzle 652:

Flat fan nozzles are the finest choice for all applications that require an intensive and consistent water jet, such as cleaning procedures, the steel industry, and many fields of surface technology. Due to internal flow characteristics, the spray pattern of flat fan nozzles has a demarcated line. Lechler distributors help to modify the geometric arrangement of the nozzle can change the coverage width.


  • High efficiency is enabled by excellent impact.
  • Jet pressures and uniform liquid distribution
  • Jets that are particularly forceful at spraying angles of up to 60 degrees.


  • Razor Sharp Nozzles:

Razor Sharp Nozzles are used to spray an incredibly smooth routine. A Lechler nozzle can atomize a wide range of coatings, from primer to varnish. The gun grip is ergonomic, lightweight, and low motivation pull for optimal painting comfort. With ultra-long life needle packing and low cost of ownership thanks to cost-effective replacement parts, the Razor-sharp nozzles provide long-term affordability. The product is made of steel and comes with a three-year warranty. The fluid passageways are made entirely of stainless steel, as are the needle and nozzle. The nickel-plated finish makes cleaning a breeze.


  • It helps to maximum cleaning force for Razor-sharp nozzles for cleaning jets.
  • It also provides high and medium pressures for cleaning purposes.


  • Solid stream Nozzle 548:

The spray fog nozzle is not to be confused. Spray pattern nozzles with a solid stream are designed to spray a compact, solid stream of liquids. Because their simplistic design may be the most basic type of nozzle. It is useful and practical when high-impact cleaning or trimming/cutting applications are required, particularly in the paper sector.


  • Information is provided with a basic description, and it is suitable for each product.
  • You may view the product’s spray flow rate, pattern, and dispersion as a virtual exposition. Applications will suit each type of nozzle.


  • Long Service Life:

Lechler distributors provide you with a variety of series nozzles that will suit all types of material. It is made with steel, and once you do service, it will be there for a longer life span.

  • Protects From Mechanical Damage:

It is steel coated with stronger and quality metal, and it will protect from mechanical damage. If the damage occurs in any mechanical parts, it is difficult to change that particular part.

  • Intense Jet Force:

While the cleaning process, the cleaning nozzles help to give a jet force pressure to clean the whole part of the nozzles. It has maximum precision for uniform and is concentrated on the jet force.

  • External Connections:

These solid and flat spray nozzles with high and medium pressure will be connected with possible threads and union nuts.

Bottom Line:

Thus, you need to choose the best cleaning nozzles with the latest technology above. And it helps to clean with both high and medium pressure with some advantages.