Hydraulic Filters are Vital in Preventing Machinery Damage

By February 25, 2019Blog

The Hydraulic filters from Bosch Distributor in Saudi are very crucial to protect your hydraulic system and other machinery from damage. This damage can be because of the contamination of oils or due to other hydraulic fluids. According to a study, in every passing minute, around one million particles of size more than 1 micron enter your hydraulic system. These particles are like parasites that eat your hydraulic machinery from inside due to the contamination of hydraulic oils. To avoid such machinery damage, it is very important that you maintain a good hydraulic filtration system. This is where Bosch distributor in gcc comes in to play. If you maintain a good hydraulic filtration system, it will eventually benefit you by the increasing the lifetime of the machinery.

The degree of wearing of any hydraulic component is directly proportional to the degree of contamination. Although this entire process of machinery degradation is accelerated by hydraulic oils which have been contaminated by metal bits. A hydraulic filter from Bosch distributor in Saudi is extremely efficient in removing these metal particles and cleaning the hydraulic oil on a regular basis.

The efficiency and performance of any Hydraulic filter by Bosch Distributor in gcc is measured on the degree of filtration of contamination. A hydraulic filter is required to have high dirt holding capacities in order to work at its best. Almost every machinery and hydraulic setup have more than one hydraulic filter from Bosch distributor in Saudi.

There are basically two types of Hydraulic filters from Bosch Distributor in gcc. 

  1. Pressure filters
  2. Low pressure or Return line filters

Pressure filters are the ones that are present in between the pump and actuators in a hydraulic setup. Whereas low-pressure filters are the ones which are present between the actuators and the tanks in machinery.

Care should be taken when you decide to change the Hydraulic filters by Bosch distributor in Saudi. If you are regularly changing your hydraulic filters before they need to be replaced, you are wasting your money on filter changes unnecessarily. Whereas on the other hand, if you are changing them too late, the filter already degrades itself and there is a high content of metal particles in the oil which over the time deteriorates the quality of hydraulic components and significantly reduces its lifetime. So it’s important to make sure that you don’t change the hydraulic filter too early or too late.

The best solution to this issue is to change your hydraulic filter by Bosch distributor Saudi only when all its dirt-holding capacity is exhausted. But again, you have to make sure that you change them before the bypass valve opens. There are machines that can monitor the pressure drop across the hydraulic filter and will alarm you when it is time to change the filter. You can also monitor the pressure drop continuously across the hydraulic pressure unit.

This small steps can help you in preventing the damage of your machinery and will ensure it’s long life.