Factors to Consider While Purchasing Air Nozzles

By March 18, 2019Blog

Air nozzle is a device used to control the direction of air flow, and it converts pressure into the flow. These are the smallest air amplifiers that control the rate of flow, direction, speed, mass, shape or the pressure of the stream that emerges.

Air nozzle is a tube with varying cross-sectional area and is used to direct or modify the flow of liquids or gases. They have a small hole on its side that helps in releasing compressed air which reduces the end pressure. They also consist of nozzles that exit holes at the bottom which are best suited for cooling applications.

Lecher air nozzles are one of the most common products used for cooling or drying parts or for blowing off debris and liquid. These can also be used for cleaning, conveying and part ejection. Besides being a nozzle manufacturer, they also provide state of the art testing capabilities, custom engineered spray solutions, fabrication and refurbishment programs. Lecher nozzles are also economical in air consumption. They have improved blowing efficiency that lowers operating costs.
As we are now certain that air nozzles are important to buy, there are certain factors we need to consider before purchasing them.

Factors to consider while purchasing air nozzles

  • Brand

One needs to be aware of copies and replicas in the market because only branded nozzles provide intermittent or continuous air supply. There are brands like Lecher that provide nozzles with improved performance and quality.

  • Sensors and timers

Sensors and timers are the most important factors to be considered while purchasing nozzles as they help in energy saving.

  • Air piping system

While purchasing nozzles, it is suggested to consider compressed air piping system. This piping system ensures efficiency. Lecher nozzles reduce compressed air consumption by 45 percent.

  • Material used

Some companies use cheap materials for the production of air nozzles that lead to corrosion coming in contact with water and lubricants. The corrosion results in leakage in the air system. One should always consider a nozzle that is made up of stainless and rust free materials. Lecher uses copper, steel, brass, and aluminium for nozzle materials because they have low friction coefficients.

  • Noise

In conventional air nozzles, loud hissing noises occur when the air is simply blown through a hole. The unique design of nozzles allows the noise level to be significantly reduced. There is a positive effect on the production quality if low-noise nozzles are used. Lecher has developed air nozzles to avoid these unpleasant noises that are extremely quiet.

  • Force and pressure

Considering the force/CFM and line pressure is important.

  • Application

One of the factors to be considered while purchasing a nozzle should be the application. There are different nozzles for different applications. For example- for cleaning applications, a nozzle should have highest Force/SCFM ratio, for drying purposes, the traditional nozzles that are cone-shaped should be used, for cooling purposes, standard cone-shaped air nozzles should be used.