Different Kinds Of TOMOE Valves and Its Specification

By August 17, 2021Blog

To perform your operation precisely, you need to select the correct valve for the given task. Among the valve technology and design, the tomoe valve is the most available and the finest design. For the best one for your application, you can consult the tomoe agents available in Qatar to assist you.

Rubber-Lined Butterfly Valves

It is a kind of Valve that you can also get from the tomoe agents in Saudi. You can use it to regulate or isolate flow. It uses a disc for its closing mechanism. You can found this disc in the valve centre, connected using a shaft to the actuator. This disc is always found at the flow to induce pressure drop. It has a lighter weight which can enable you to offer less support to shut it off. It is accomplished automatically and precisely when you use it with the actuator. It is applicable in applications such as; power generation, gas and oil, chemical, shipbuilding, paper and pulp, HVAC, and water treatment. 


According to its distributors, it has some specifications such as; pressure rating of 7 bar, the size range of DN350 – DN600 (14″ – 24″), body pattern is a wafer, body seat is PTFE, the Body material is ductile iron, its disc material is 316SS. It works at a temperature range of 263.15K to + 373.15K; flange standards include JIS 10K, PN10, and ANSI125/150. In terms of operation, it can work manually, pneumatic, or using electricity.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

This is also another type of tomoe valve you can get in KSAIt is designed using three offsets. Two of these offsets are position at the same place facing the double offset one. Then the third offset is used as a seating surface. This third offset forms a cone shape like the shape of the disc and seat. The cone angle and the two shaft offset make the disc seal without any friction on the seat. You can automate it easily. It is also most suitable for application in critical or harsh environments. You can get 


It is applicable where metal, tight shutoff, and actuation are required or desired. It covers valves in the ASME category up to around 1500, its size is up to 200 mm, and it is available as carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Suitable for an application that runs at a temperature range of 77.15K to 811.15K. They can work at higher pressures of over 150psi.

Double Offset Butterfly Valve

It is also one of the TOMOE Valves from Tomoe distributors that have only two offsets in the valve body. The offsets include the shaft axis offset of the body seal and the disc’s seat. The other is the shaft axis which is eccentric from the valve or pipeline centerline.


It can able to handle applications having high pressure. It has a stainless steel or carbon body it has RPTFE Seat. In summary, TOMOE Valves meet customer requirements due to their wide temperature and pressure range. It gives you higher performance as compared to other kinds of valves. You can consult Tomoe distributors if you need TOMOE Valves or material through their websites.