All you need to know about SBS Agents KSA

By November 19, 2018Blog

As an organization, we at the Synergies Group are headquartered at Dubai in UAE. It is this strategic location that allows us to access the whole Middle East region. We also have a sales office in South Africa that helps us expand our presence in the African markets that are always growing. We also have offices at Mumbai and New Mumbai, which in turn allows us to take care of the immense demands that we face in the subcontinental markets. As an organization, we are always focused on learning and getting as better as we possibly can. We also like to innovate with our offerings as often as we can.

Accudrop Pastillator

As the leading SBS Agents KSA, we offer a whole lot of products. The first name that can be mentioned on this list would be that of the Accudrop Pastillator. This is a pastillator that has been designed in such a way that it is able to keep things simple. As you would have understood by now, it works in a simple way. It has a static heated body where the liquid product gets fed and this is done via a distribution device. It then gets forwarded to a shell that is rotating and multi perforated by nature.

Cooling Conveyor Pastillator for Paraffin

This is a steel belt cooler pastillator that comes in handy with respect to paraffin. In fact, this particular product has been in use from 1996 and ever since it has been immensely successful when it comes to granulation and pastillation of paraffin waxes. It allows you to work with melted waxes till a maximum viscosity of 3.000 cP. It also has a cooling conveyor cum flaker. This one here happens to be suitable for steel belt coolers till a maximum width of 1500 mm. It has an open construction that makes it easier to maintain and clean the same.

Rolldrop Pastillator

As the top SBS agent Saudi Arabia we also offer you another pastillator named Rolldrop that too has been created with the aim of keeping things simple. In this pastillator, the product is fed at a temperature that is controlled. It gets fed onto a roller rotor where the rim has teeth. These teeth have a regular pitch and shape. The liquid product keeps slipping on a constant basis between the teeth pattern and this means that drops gather on the back of each tooth. A major role, in this case, is also played by the complementary comb that stays in contact with the rotor with teeth.

Sulphur Solidification Package

These packages are sourced from Italy and the USA as well. They normally include the following:

  • sulphur pumps and sulphur pre-conditioners
  • belt conveyors for collecting solid sulphur
  • duplex basket filter arrangement
  • downstream equipment as storage systems and bucket elevators
  • cooling conveyors along with pastillators
  • water loop circuits
  • release medium preparation systems
  • sets of consumables and spare parts for commissioning
  • electrical equipment for solidification area
  • centralized suction systems
  • exhaust tunnels with fans

Apart from this, we also offer upstream and downstream equipment as well.