No industrial application can run properly without appropriate lubrication. This is an essential aspect of making an application run without any setbacks all while successfully maintaining the optimal functionality of the mechanism all throughout their life cycle. However, many of the plant managers consider it just a minor detail and disregard it. This until the machines stop working and the production must be stopped for repairs or even the replacement of certain mechanical parts. Although we live in the era of smart technology, any type of mechanical tool, wind turbine or engine needs a certain amount of lubrication in order to work properly and efficiently at its best parameters. Managers should be aware of this fact and understand that only by using a quality lubrication solution they can obtain more profit for the company and reduce costs while boosting reliability. By using high quality lubrication, the machines can last longer and become more cost-effective for the manufacturer all while increasing the number of satisfied customers who are delighted to receive more value for their money.

Synergies Group relies on Simatec and is one of the main suppliers of Single Point Automatic Lubricator. The company started producing Single Point Lubricators over three decades ago in Switzerland and succeeded in convincing its clients with the high quality of their products due to the outstanding development and performance. One of the most successful lubrication products signed by Simatec is Simalube. This is one of the most requested Single Point Automatic Lubricators as it reached millions of sales in different corners of the world in a relatively short time. Considering that the product can be also used for systems based on grease or oil, it is the top choice for companies that need Single Point Grease Lubricators for their applications. The product aims to meet all of the expectations and requirements of the clients. It starts by presenting itself in five different sizes according to the needs of various machines. There are no restrictions when it comes to frequency of use so just pun on the lubricator whenever is necessary. It only takes a few seconds for the Simalube to fix to the lubricating point and it is powered by a gas that produces dry cell. Because this product is oil based, it can be safely used for the automatic lubrication of open gears, chains, or guide rails. Simalube convinced the clients through characteristics like: reliability, high efficiency, universal use and greater environmental compatibility.

One of the main purposes of high quality and reliable lubricators is to extend the life expectancy of an application. If this solution is not used at regular time intervals or applied correctly, the machines will break down sooner, before having reached the expected product life and you had the chance to recover the investment. The results in this situation can be disastrous for the business as the production must be stopped and clients turn to other suppliers because you delay in delivering their orders. That is why opting for regular lubrication is a smart idea.

Because in today’s business world, time is money, when you choose the right lubricator, you rest assure that your business will meet all of your clients’ expectations regarding the quality of the products and the delivery.