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As an independent family-owned enterprise, simatec has convinced through outstanding performance and product developments for 30 years. Headquartered in Wangen an der Aare, in the heart of Switzerland, motivated employees research, develop and produce everything connected with the fitting, dismounting and maintenance of bearings.

The direct customers benefit is clearly our priority: By means of novel technologies, complex operations can be simplified and the maintenance effort of thousands of machines around the world can be massively reduced. As a result, costs are cut and the operational safety is increased.

Our Products

  • simalube – the automatic single-point lubricator

    Simalube 125ml Animation 95x250pxSold millions of times and suitable for any single-point lubricating task with grease or oil. The automatic lubricator simalube offers five different sizes. All possible kinds of lubricating points with lubricant. 24 hours, day in, day out.

    Roller bearings which are not lubricated sufficiently or wrongly, drop out long before they have reached their expected product life. simalube lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted proportioning. Shutdown times are decreased and costs in comparison to time-consuming manual lubrication are clearly reduced.

    Within seconds simalube is fixed to the lubricating point. simalube is powered by a gas producing dry cell. The gas producing dry cell builds behind the piston in the lubricator, which dispenses the lubricant automatically and evenly in the lubrication point.

    The amount of lubricant can be steplessly adjusted by means of an Allen key.

    Filled with oil, simalube is applied for the automatic lubrication of chains, open gears or guide rails for example.

    simalube convinces through:

    • Reliability
    • High efficiency
    • Universal use
    • Refillability
    • Best environmental compatibility

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  • simalube multipoint – the automatic multipoint lubricator

    The simalube multipoint reliably supplies five lubrication points over a time period of up to 12 months, with 8 ml of grease. After the lubricator has been emptied it can easily be reused thanks to the “intelligent snapping system”. The lubricators can be obtained with a number of different oils and greases.

    The benefits of the compact and environmentally friendly simalube multipoint lubricator driven by the gas generating drycell are:
    • 5 x 8 ml lubricant (grease or oil)
    • Appropriate for the lubrication of linear slides
    • Runtime from 1 to 12 months continuously adjustable
    • Snapping system allows easy mounting to fitting connection
    • Short initial periods
    • Fast coupling to tubes with Ø 4/2.7 mm

  • simatherm Induction Heaters

    For the quick warm-up of roller bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts. Thanks to the heat extension the work piece can easily be fitted onto the shaft. In the warm-up process, only the work piece is heated but the equipment itself remains cold. simatec manufactures induction heaters for work pieces up to 4,000 kg. Heaters for special applications are developed on demand.

    The inductive warm-up of ring-shaped parts is a quick, clean and efficient method. It replaces traditional warm-up techniques such as hotplates, hot oil baths, open flames or stoves.

  • simatool - bearing mounting tools

    simatool tool sets enable fast mounting and dismounting of roller bearings and radial shaft seals. They are used successfully throughout the world in the mechanical engineering industry, in maintenance workshops and practically all other branches of industry. The fast, safe precision handling of the tools is particularly valued.


    Fitting Tool FT 33

    For careful mounting of roller bearings and radial shaft seals. Universal use for bearings with a bore diameter from 10 to 50 mm. Easily carried in a handy case, including a recoilless hammer.

    • 3 impact sleeves and 33 impact rings
    • No mechanical damage of the bearing
    • Also suitable for the mounting of sleeves, sealing rings, pulleys and much more

    Twin Puller TP 150

    3 dismounting functions in 1 case: tool set to dismount deep groove ball bearings with a press fit on the inner or outer ring and radial shaft seals in an expert fashion. The professional dismounting tool for shaft diameters from 10 to 100 mm and external diamters up to 150 mm. Perfect complement to the established simatool Fitting Tool FT 33.

    The compact case contains:

    • Sliding hammer with extension
    • 50 tapping screws and 10 spacer rings
    • 6 sets of hinged extraction arms and 2 threaded spindles
    • 9 support washers

    Bearing Maintenance Kit MK 10-30

    Tool case consisting of 50 parts mounting and dismounting tools for small bearings with bores from 10 to 30 mm. Suitable for specific applications such as motorcycles.

    The tool case contains:

    • Mounting tools consisting of 2 impact sleeves, 21 impact rings and a recoilless hammer with nylon impact surfaces and a rubber handle
    • Dismounting tools with 5 puller arm sets, 2 threaded spindles and a slide hammer

    Ball Bearing Puller BP 61

    To remove grooved ball bearings efficiently from shafts and cases without dismounting the bearing. This ideal tool assortment is suitable for bearing sizes from 10 to 100 mm bore diameter.

    • 6 puller arm sets and 2 threaded spindles in a practical case
    • Puller arm with a joint in order to guarantee an optimal power transmission on the bearing
    • User-friendly because of the elastic retaining ring which keeps the puller arms in position
    • Puller arm made from quality steel

    Seal Puller SP 50

    Tool for the dismounting of radial shaft seals and seals of all sizes.

    • Slide hammer with 2 extensions
    • Spacer sleeves
    • 50 tapping screws

    Bearing Handling Tool

    The safe solution for the handling of larger and heavier bearings. Available in two sizes, for the diameter area of 300–500 mm and 500–700 mm.

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