simalube – Pressure Booster Up To 10 Bar

simalube-ImpulseIn the next couple of days, you will receive a launch booklet as well as a presentation box from simatec. All information on the new product will be available on our website as of January 2016.

We are proud to present to you the simalube IMPULSE with functions the world has never seen before. The simalube IMPULSE has been specially developed to dispense lubricant where high pressure is needed and can produce pressure of up to 10 bar. Therefore, in addition to dispensing grease through lubrication lines of up to four metres, the IMPULSE can also lubricate roller bearings that produce a very high counterpressure. The new simalube IMPULSE complements our simalube 60, 125 and 250 ml lubricator products and is the perfect addition to the tried-and-tested simalube lubricator. The simalube IMPULSE simply needs to be affixed to the lubrication point and is activated by inserting the battery pack and screwing on the simalube lubricator. The dispensing-time setting can be corrected at any time via the lubricator.

Advantages of the simalube IMPULSE pressure booster:

– Function monitoring via LED display
– Pressure generation of up to 10 bar
– Modular and reusable
– Gentle on all lubricants
– Easy to use
– IP68 certification (dust- and waterproof)
– Compact size
– Suitable for oils and greases up to NLGI 2
– Can be installed in any position, even underwater
– High cost savings thanks to reusability

You will find more information on the simalube IMPULSE on our website as of January 4th, 2016.

Please contact your area sales manager if you have more questions regarding the new simalube IMPULSE.

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