We at Synergies Group are fully geared up to take on the challenge. We follow a simple 3 step process: Having complete clarity on the client requirement, providing deliverables as per the client expectation, backing it up with technically trained team for continuous after sales support.

Here we feature the various principals we have in our Divisions:



Lechler is the worlds largest manufacturer of nozzles. With over 10,000 different kinds of nozzles ranging in more than 2000 different applications , Lechler is way ahead of its competition. Manufactured in Germany, the emphasis is always on quality. The products cater to Environment, Metal and General industry.

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Simatec is the pioneer of Single point automatic lubrication . The Swiss based company offers a new CONCEPT rather than just the products. Used over 5000 various applications and spanning over various industries, Simatec is the leader in single point auto lubrication. It also offeres complementing products like SimaTools (wide range of mounting and dismounting tools) and SimaTherm (various kinds of induction Heaters).

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A German based company, Suco is the specialist for pressure monitoring and transmission technology. Suco is one of the largest manufacturer of pressure switches, pressure transmitters and pressure transducers . Suco products are used in construction machines, renewable energy , water application, medical technology and others.

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TOMOE , JAPANESE  company, is the market leader in the filed of VALVES and is a pioneer in  BUTTERFLY Valves. Tomoe offers the widest range of products like High Performance Butterfly Valves, Triple Offset Rotary Process Valves, Rubber Lined Valves and many others. It caters to various industries like Oil & Gas, Power , Water Treatment & Desalination, Marine and many others.

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Nortek is a SPANISH company specializing in design, manufacture and implementation of centralized lubrication system (grease and oil). It caters to various industries like Metal, Power plants, Paper plants, Petrochemical and others. Over the years Nortek has created a niche in this product range.

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Stucchi is an ITALIAN company specializing in the manufacture of couplings. The most popular products from the Stucchi range are the Flat Face, Multi coupling, High Pressure, Poppet and Check Valve coupling. These couplings are used in various industries like Oil & Gas, Construction , Metal and Petrochemical industries. Stucchi is very popular in the GCC region due to the various Oil & Gas related certification it has.

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Siemens Flender is a German based company, however , the products in discussion are catered by their Indian manufacturing plant. The Electric Motors and Gear Boxes are the most popular products in the range. Siemens is a very well known brand in all the regions and it is the same in the GCC.

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These include all kinds of Valves (Ball Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, High Pressure), Hoses , Fittings (flanges , pipes) , Instrumentation , steel plates, MRO products (maintenance , repair , operation) and many other products.

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Offset printing is a very niche industry with a very limited number of manufacturer of related products. Priting plates form the core of the offset industry. There are various kinds of plates like PS Plates, CTP Thermal Plates and CTP Violet Plates.  The new addition in this segment is the Low Chem Plates.


Offset Printing Chemicals go hand in hand with the printing plates and form an integral part of the industry. There are various chemicals like pre-press chemistry, press room chemistry and post press chemistry. Developer and Replenisher are important chemicals in this segment.


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Our Chemicals Division Principals:


Goodway Chemicals is a reliable manufacturer of lubricant additive components and packages. The company is export oriented and offers their performance driven solutions to all major international lubricant manufacturers. Company is also capable to customize the product as per the needs of the customer.

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ABSfil is an emerging force in the field of “filtration & separation” systems. The company’s core business is engineering and manufacturing of filtration and separation systems. We are capable to supply you with premium quality filter cartridges and filtration housings that can cover vast list of applications.

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Neogen Chemicals Ltd.

Neogen Chemicals Ltd. is premium quality manufacturer of specialty bromine, lithium and cycloalkane compounds that founds applications in vast industry verticals. Currently installed capacity of plant is 2400+ MTPA. Lithium Bromide (LiBr) is a flagship product of Neogen. It is key product widely used in absorption chillers industry across the globe as “absorbent”. Also product is technically approved by all major absorption chiller manufacturers such as Thermax, Ebara, KTE, TRANE etc.

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It is the European Operation of Calgon Carbon Corporation, USA which is a global manufacturer, supplier & developer of innovative activated carbon treatment systems; value added technologies & services for optimizing production processes & safely purifying the environment. Over 150 different types of activated carbon are available for applications including drinking water, waste-water, sweetener, pharmaceutical, air and gas purification (natural gas and biogas).

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Devson Group is mainly engaged into manufacturing of active and inert bed support from last two decades. All leading international petrochemical, oil refining and gas plant companies are esteemed customer of Devson in the territory of Middle East. Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. All major international catalyst and adsorbent manufacturers and engineering companies such as AXENS, basf, UOP, Toyo, EIL, Uhde etc. regularly purchase bed support materials for their customers from Devson.

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We also have supply arrangements with other leading international manufacturers of specialty chemicals.

We have experience of supplying Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves and MDEA to some major petrochemical and oil refining companies in the region of Middle East.

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