We at Synergies Group are fully geared up to take on the challenge. We follow a simple 3 step process: Having complete clarity on the client requirement, providing deliverables as per the client expectation, backing it up with technically trained team for continuous after sales support.

Here we feature the various principals we have in our Divisions:



Offset printing is a very niche industry with a very limited number of manufacturer of related products. Priting plates form the core of the offset industry. There are various kinds of plates like PS Plates, CTP Thermal Plates and CTP Violet Plates.  The new addition in this segment is the Low Chem Plates.


Offset Printing Chemicals go hand in hand with the printing plates and form an integral part of the industry. There are various chemicals like pre-press chemistry, press room chemistry and post press chemistry. Developer and Replenisher are important chemicals in this segment.


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