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NORTEK, S.A. is a Spanish company established in 1967 specialised in design, manufacturing and commissioning Lubrication Systems (for grease and oil), basically for Heavy and Medium Industry. Nortek has continuous growth, and actually with more than 30 years experience the Company has consolidated its position as a leading supplier all over the world, covering the following market segments:

  • Steel and Non-ferrous Mills.
  • Mining.· Petrochemical Plants.
  • Power/Nuclear Plants.
  • Cement.
  • Paper Plants.
  • Basic Industry.

For the production of equipment conforming to the highest international standards, Nortek has developed its own technology and know-how.

Our designs and applicable specifications include DIN, ANSI, ASTM, API and others. For example, in Steel Mills, Nortek collaborate with most of the main Steel Mill’s manufacturers in the world, like: MORGAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (U.S.A.), VOEST-ALPINE (Austria) & VAI – POMINI (Italy & England), DANIELI-MORGARDSHAMMAR (Italy & Sweden), SMS – DEMAG (Germany), PAUL WURTH (Luxemburg), etc. Our Lubrication Systems are installed in countries like: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, etc. Since quality is essential in all Nortek products and services, Nortek has long been committed to providing uncompromising quality. Therefore, since long time ago, the Company has operated under a strictly formalised Quality Assurance Program, which guarantees compliance with domestic and international standards. All Nortek staff members are participants in this effort, and all strive to reach continuously higher levels of excellence. With Technical Assistance Work Teams composed of specialised engineers and technicians, Nortek is capable of providing its customers with fast and efficient service. The combination of suitable manufacturing infrastructure, consisting of modern equipment, highly trained and motivated personnel and reliable Quality Assurance System is responsible for Nortek’s is distinguished place in the world-wide heavy equipment sector.

Our Products

NORTEK, S.A., by means of its highly prepared technical and managerial team, has experience in handling complex projects and, with its solid industrial base, is specialised in the manufacture of Lubrication Systems for the Heavy and Medium industry. Nortek offers its clients complete solutions for the realisation of its industrial projects with state of the art technology, high quality, competitive prices and delivery times.

  • Two (2) manual pumps.
  • Three (3) models automatic electric pumps.
  • Two (2) model pneumatic pump.
  • One (1) model single line valve till 0.75 cm3.
  • Three (3) over-pressure reverses valves. For double line.
  • One (1) pneumatic reverse valve.
  • One (1) solenoid reverse valve.
  • One (1) motorized reverse valve.
  • Four (4) models dual line dosing valves (max flow 0.6, 1.2, 2.3 & 5 cm3).
  • Three (3) models progressive valves (flow 0.11, 0.20 & 0.55 cm3).
  • Two (2) models pressure end line controls.
  • Electric control panel.
  • One complete set of fittings.


Nortek designs and manufactures all types of Oil Lubrication Systems with more of 500 references. Nortek is specialised in cinematic bearings lubrication, Wire Rod Blocks, Morgoil bearings, RSM systems, gears systems, etc. Our technical Office can design any type of Lubrication System with flows from 1 to 6.000 Lts./Min. and tanks till 75 M3, both in Carbon steel or Stainless Steel. We also manufacture in accordance with API 614 Standard, for petrochemical applications.Motors and electric devices are according IEC or NEMA standard. Since 1984 year, Nortek has Official Approval to manufacture Pressure Vessels. Our engineers make projects in accordance with ASME or AD-Merblatt Codes depending client requirements. Welding procedures and qualified – approved welders for any type of materials (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel) and procedures (Electrode, TIG, etc.).


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