Synergies Tech is always on a look out to connect with the best of the best in various industries not just to serve but also to source high quality products and solution. We have specialized products for all the industries we cater to; below are few of the industries where we are active:



Iron & Steel and Aluminum industry form the CORE market of expertise for Synergies Tech. Our fully trained engineers have a good command on all the segments in this industry namely : Continous Casting of Steel, Hot Rolling Mill, Cold Rolling Mill and  Strip Processing. Our SME (Subject Matter Experts) have good  knowledge of Long Products, Flat Products and Tubular Products,  giving us an edge over others while serving our esteemed customers. We have a wide range of NICHE products to offer for this industry from customized nozzles , couplings, gear boxes to filters. Our USP is the complete Technical Support that comes along with all our products.


The environment industry refers to the segment that has an impact to the environment namely the 1) Cement Plants 2) Power Plants 3) Waste Incineration Plants  4) Chemical Plants. Every country has stringent rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to cater to this industry. Hence it becomes extremely important that the products related to this field are in line with the regulations. Synergies Tech has some of the best principles in this industry that understand the regulations as well as the customer requirements very well. Our products offered include complex applications like Flue Gas Desulphurization, Gas Conditioning and Droplet Separators.


Oil & Gas

Synergies Tech has a good foothold over the Oil & Gas industry in the GCC region and caters to almost all the companies in this sector. We have strong presence in the region catering to all the hydraulic and pneumatic requirements of this ever growing industry. We have a wide range of products to offer for this industry.


Synergies Tech is catering to the requirements of some of the biggest petrochemical plants in the GCC region mainly Saudi Arabia. Our Engineering Division as well as the Chemical division offers wide range of products which are tailor made for this industry. Our well trained engineers and specialists understand the customer requirement and are able to deliver the products accordingly.



Infrastructure is one of the major industries for the GCC region. Synergies Tech has a good network with all of the top industry players. Our proximity to the new projects along with the right range of products with the right team makes us a dependable and a reliable long term partner. We have a wide range of products for this industry.

Food & Beverage

Synergies Tech has very good customized products for the Food and Beverage industry. We cater to the heavy weights in this industry including Pepsi, Coco Cola and others. This is a very regulated industry and one of our USP in catering to this industry is that most of our products are approved by the regulatory bodies.


Printing Consumables (Offset Printing)

Printing Consumables in the offset printing refers to all the Pre-press , Press, Post Press consumables needed from thermal plates , chemistry to the inks. Synergies Tech is the one stop shop for the all the printing consumables to ensure that the printing is done seamlessly. Our main product in this industry is the CTP Thermal plates.

Other Industries

Synergies Tech caters to various other industries like the Sugar Industry, Marine Industry, Shipbuilding and many others. Connecting with the customers, understating the needs and providing the right product is the key to our success. We continue to learn and explore new industries in order to expand our network.