Hydraulics refers to the power transference by using pressure as well as the fluid current. Machines operating hydraulically can be manually operated or can work automatically by being powered and controlled by another energy source. For instance, the hydraulic jacks used to lift cars are usually operated manually. Mostly, hydraulics are used on heavy machinery such as: earth movers, excavators or heavy forest industry machines. In simple terms, all that means that a diesel engine is operating a hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic oil flow generated by the pump is directed to the valves through cylinders, which respectively moves the machinery, generating and gifting the machine with a very large force. Due to their effectiveness and great features, hydraulic fittings are presently used in many industries. Good examples for hydraulic use in our everyday life are cars, brakes and elevators.

Synergies Tech is a free hold company operating in Dubai. They are distributors of Leading Companies like Tomoe, Suco, Somatic etc. and their main focus is offering Engineering Products to all GCC Countries having offices in Dubai. Among the high-quality products offered, Synergies Tech is specialized in serving their customers with a variety of highly effective stucchi hydraulic fittings.Hydraulic fittings are often what literally holds everything together. They use hydraulic liquid in order to obtain force and torque multiplication, consequently transferring large amounts of power through them. This is one aspect of your business where it is neither indicated nor recommended to choose anything but the best. Stucchi is a certified manufacturer of hydraulic quick-disconnect applications and who is recognized as a global leader in its field. The Synergies Tech Company is in fact the proud and well renowned authorized distributor for Stucchi products in all the GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf and better known as Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

The presented Stucchi product line holds around 4000 different configurations, offering a wide variety of top-class materials and applications for their customers to choose from. The Stucchi hydraulic fittings come in various configurations such as: the metric standard, the NPT, BZP and SAE. The raw materials for these fittings ranges from stainless steel all the way to the brass. They ensure quality materials, increased cost-effectiveness, which has been proven time and again on the market as well as a flawless customized design. These amazing coupling products are not only highly customizable based on client needs, but are also of top-notch quality products that the demanding industries can actually depend on. Withstanding working pressures of 700 bar, the stucchi fittings offer a solution orientated approach specifically designed to meet even the highest need of all clients, across the markets.

The company is holding over 50 years of experience in the field, a success story which makes their products truly best in their professional field. Call the distributor and enjoy the absolute best customer service on the market all while getting extra details and information how your business can benefit from the features of the stucchi hydraulic fittings. The high quality, increased cost effectiveness, great reputation and flawless customer care are just some of the reasons why the stucchi fittings are the most valued solutions on the market. The market has spoken, now it’s your time to try them and be pleasantly surprised!